The Last Reunion. Baby boomers understand how fast time passes. One moment they’re eating breakfast before school and mom reminds them to wear a coat. The next moment they’re in their dorm room reading James Joyce. A blink later and they’re on a date with their future mate. The clock hands don’t spin like a […]


Greats, Near Great, And Who Was That?   The traditional list for Mt. Rushmore singles out the best of an era. The baby boom era is 1946-1964. Lot’s to choose from. Steven Spielberg makes most lists. So does Tom Hanks and Steve Jobs. Bill Gates is easy to find. Most recently NBA basketball players came out with […]


A Look Back At A 1980’s Bike/Car Conflict On Northwest 21st. What do you call an apartment living, bike riding, Portlander? Today they’re called hipsters. They either bike, walk, or take mass transit like eastcoasters. Maybe hipsters have always been here, but the name sounds too lame to claim. Hippie? Okay, it’s been around. Hipster? […]


You don’t have to go to France to feel the grandeur of a beautiful room. Or a cathedral in Spain for the ornate. Walk into the Benson Hotel on Broadway for the same feeling of WOW. The size is different, but the details are wonderful. For an Old World taste in the New World, this […]

Edward Hopper’s Portland?

The Perfect Painter For Dark Days Of The Soul. You’re not the first Portland baby boomer to wake up on a Sunday with no NFL games that matter. No early game, no late game, no Football Night In America game. You’re depressed, but don’t want to admit it’s because of no football. College ball is […]

Get Your Medical History In Another Language

In The Hospital And You Don’t Speak The Language. Now What? Do you like new places, the sort where you step off a plane and think, “It looks normal enough,” but you know it’s not? You know because you showed up after language immersion and Rosetta Stone, and you still don’t understand what anyone says. […]

The PDX For Portland Boomers

  There’s no shame in identifying with a favorite city. Portland makes it easier than most. Why else would other places try and snag some Portland? The Portland of the midwest. The Portland of Minnesota. The Portland of Nebraska. The Portland of Texas doesn’t seem right. Neither does the Portland of Maine. But the idea […]

Baby Boomer Travel, pt 1

Plan Ahead Or Suffer. Once you step out your front door the machinery kicks into gear. It’s either too late to change plans, or you don’t want to be the one changing. Be a good sport. Baby boomers know how to be good sports. We also know how to whine so don’t be alarmed when […]

How To Oregon Beach

If you live in the valleys or plains, the first part of beach fun is getting there. All roads west end near the ocean, so set your compass. If you’re particular, or have a reservation, take a road that ends near your landing spot. Common sense works at the beach.

Love Shines On Broadway

And Keeps Shining On. Hey there Delilah what’s it like in New York City I’m a thousand miles away But girl tonight you look so pretty, yes you do Times Square can’t shine as bright as you, I swear it’s true