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Travel Bans From History, Who Should Be Banned

    Travel bans tend to be specific in terms of where to go and where not to go.   Travel bans say one thing: Don’t go there, girlfriend. Stay away, pal.   Like a dress code in the NY disco dancing prime time of the late ’70’s, while punk rock was getting ready to […]


  From Washington Irving to Peter Stark to Chris Coleman, Astoria never looked better.   History readers are a funny bunch. They range from professional historians to hobbyists to just people looking for something to engage them. Then there’s Chris Coleman, Artistic Director for Portland Center Stage at The Armory, and Director of Astoria. What […]


Call it Little Big Astoria?   No one doubts the importance of Astoria in Oregon history. Little Big Astoria looms in the imagination from early sea captains challenging the Columbia Bar, to Lewis and Clark showing up overland, to today. The fish packing, lumber mills, and ebb and flow of new people keep Astoria current. […]


More Than A Birthday. Oregon Governor in waiting Kate Brown spoke at the Oregon Historical Society. She could have dodged the event, which was Oregon’s birthday party. But she didn’t. Instead she gave history a nod. At the same time she signaled what to expect under her leadership. She gets history. Do you?

How To Oregon Beach

If you live in the valleys or plains, the first part of beach fun is getting there. All roads west end near the ocean, so set your compass. If you’re particular, or have a reservation, take a road that ends near your landing spot. Common sense works at the beach.

NW Boomer Cruise

Finding Fun In Your Backyard River The next time you bike or walk, drive or fly, keep an eye out for bridges. They show local rivers to paddle. If you lived in the same town a while and never been on the water, the time is ripe. This is baby boomer nirvana.