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Music Fills The Air, Joy Fills The Body, Repeat

    Music in the Floyd Country Store is more than a radio station. The old time music jams on Sundays bring young and old with fiddles, guitars, mandolins, and banjos.   A big circle passes the song from one to another; new player, new song.   It’s American roots music at its finest and […]

American Football Matters More Now Than Ever Before

    American football players at every level are our betters. From Pop Warner to the NFL they show us how to get up after being knocked down, how to play after a painful hit, and how to listen.   Even with helmets and pads and identifying uniforms, American football is a hurting game. Helmet […]

Japanese Exchange Student A Perfect Portland Fit

    What’s better than traveling to new places and meeting the locals? Being the locals and meeting travelers. A Japanese exchange student proved the rule this summer.   With kids out of high school and college you’d think a couple of empty nest boomers would enjoy themselves with the usual things baby boomers get […]

High School Football Explained For Better Understanding

    It doesn’t take a genius to understand the risk of playing high school football. But if you need a genius to explain football from top to bottom, ask retired Baltimore Raven John Urschel.   He’s enough of a genius.   At the old age of twenty six he hung his jock on an […]

Oregon Loggers Work In The Woods Singing Johnny Cash

    Tillamook State Forest has plenty of trees, and plenty of piles made by Oregon loggers. Visitors from around the world need to see the beauty of Oregon, and the clear cuts. A close up view.   One belongs to the other. I wouldn’t advise anyone going into a working coal mine, but why […]

Air Oregon My Oregon Paradise West Of Cascades

      For a moment let’s skip the romanticized view of the state. The brown patches across these images are clear cut lumber sections, replanted with more trees. Why are they brown? It’s not because of brown trees. Air Oregon shows too much.   Oregon, My Oregon via Oregon Blue Book, music by Henry […]

Portland Italian Festival, Portland Haute Couture

    Not Little Italy, but Big Italy, Portland’s Italian Festival swinging in the biggest living room in Oregon, Pioneer Square.   Food, beer, and music mix to show the city in the best light possible, like an Italian chandelier.   Is it fun? Educational? Mesmerizing? All of that along with beautiful Italian women in […]


    Where is the line between family collections and hoarding? How can you tell when you’re over that line, way over?   In this well researched post on BoomerPdx I will dip into the experience of a Museum Collection Manager for an interview. Readers familiar with such details will automatically know what I’m talking […]


  George Marshall, George Warren Marshall, Grandpa Marshall, a ground breaker for the ages. He was a logger, a tree feller, of a different stripe.   Once I asked him, “What’s the difference between you and the rest of the loggers drunk and fighting in bars after work?” “That’s not the sort of life to […]


Would an Oregonian save Kitty Genovese? A few years back a little boy in Portland, Oregon was accidentally left on a train platform. He made it home safely with his dad. A young woman stayed with him until his father returned, just a bystander who saw what happened and took time to care. Those few minutes ended happily; it […]