Once you catch Portland Fever you’re doomed. Drug stores don’t advertise shots in case you catch Portland Fever. It’s not shingles, pneumonia, or the flu. On the other hand it’s not polio, malaria, of tuberculosis. While not fatal, if you do catch Portland Fever, your life is ruined. After a few years in Portland, maybe […]


Which generation has the best broken hearts? Baby boomer heart breaks lead the pack. Remember the first time your boomer heart broke? Something went wrong. Someone said the wrong thing. Was it a mistake, a misunderstanding? Don’t get the shovel and start digging it out. Don’t check your high school year book. If you cut […]


Lidia Yuknavitch spoke to Willamette Writers at the Old Church. All three are resting well. New rule: All posts start with a theme song reflecting the topic at hand. This one starts on the second verse. New rule #2: Click the Lidia link. Here it is. Little Feat’s Willin’ via “I’ve been kicked by […]


Five things to stop eating? Or zero? That’s A BoomerPdx Diet Tip. C – carbonated drinks R – refined sugar A – artificial sweeteners &colors P – processed foods Why stop eating anything? White bread, white rice, pasta. Sugar and cream. Stop eating that? Too controversial. Food is nutritional, cultural, and historical. Bread means farming […]


Yes, you. You know who you are. The idea of wild life for Baby Boomers? The older the whole groups gets, the more the definition changes. You get that when 10,000 Boomers a day hit retirement age. When grandchildren start flipping though photo albums and see what you used to look like, try not to […]

Powell’s Books, Phillip Margolin, And Worthy Brown’s Daughter

Listen to a man say he writes but only took one college writing class. He admits to grinding out a C+, then says he’d like to talk to an MFA fiction expert one day to learn how writing really works. The same man tried writing historical fiction for thirty years. He took one history class. If the main question of history is, […]

Dear Facebook, Huffington Post Wants Your Action

From “Now that Facebook has gone public and is struggling to get a steady valuation, the company is looking to find new ways to make its money and prove its worth to investors. One option Facebook is exploring is enhancing ad sales by more effective targeting of increasingly specific demographic groups, using location data […]

The Best Medicine Not In The Cabinet

When the New York Times posts on Facebook you know it’s an important subject. Newspapers in the digital age can’t afford to waste print. Is it war in the Middle East? Famine in Africa? Economic doom in America? Is sweating good for you? It’s all of the above, but the last one is tricky.

Portland Boomer Sports Gods, circa 2013

Baby Boomer sports fans carry too many sports memories, but somehow add more. If recent games need more space to settle, does that mean tossing old memories? The following are in the permanent collection, along with the new stuff.

Modern Marine Corps

A Portland Boomer’s Son Comes Back From Boot Camp The typical youth sports coach volunteers their time and moves on after the season. It’s a ‘been there, done that, got a t-shirt’ deal. But the whole exercise is ruined if the coach doesn’t keep up with his former players. They need to stay in touch […]