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Carrie Fisher shows The Force was strong in this one

You wake up one morning and things are different.

Not illness, or foreboding, just something not quite right.

Call it a feeling. Now what?

Either spend the day riding doubt to the end of light, or do something else.

Here’s a vote for something else.

In the old theater expression, The Show Must Go On, you find the answers.

The curtain on your day goes up whether you’re ready or not.

Isn’t that what, “Stay afraid, but do it anyway,” means?

For Boy Scouts it’s, “Be Prepared.”

Marine Corps Force Recon Operators say something like, “We know tomorrow’s going to suck worse than today, but we’ve still got to do something with it.”

I heard if from a Marine Operator on duty and liked it. He’s got The Force with him.

Oregon’s Ken Kesey tried to make one day different than the next. It sounds simple until you’re looking up at your life from the depths of the rut you’ve fallen into.

Carrie Fisher joins them all with her ‘stay afraid and do it anyway.’

Otherwise you’re stranded, paralyzed, and no one can figure why.

And you can’t explain your fear?

Let a Star Wars princess guide you.

A painter paints, a writer writes. All artists art it up in the form they choose, the form that chooses them.

They stick with it on good days and bad. That’s why we see the variety in Michelangelo and da Vinci.

Paint, sculpt, design, invent. Just move the needle a little bit and stand back to admire your work.

Start afraid, then finish the day with courage. Finish with The Force.

Does everything still suck? Did anything change? Are you still afraid?

No matter your answers, tomorrow is your next chance. You still have that.

Unless you decide it’s too much.

Well, is it? Is it too much? Good, now do something with it.

The show goes on, and our Star Wars angel gets her star.

Go ahead and pick one, Carrie.

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