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101% Divorce Proof

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Don’t Be A Wild Turkey

Huffington Post printed a story called 7 Ways To Divorce Proof Your Marriage.

It showed up on first by Johanna Lyman, The JOY Professor.

Who does the responsible baby boomer blogger link to?

The image on Gal Time shows two boomers.

Huffington Post showed a younger couple, mid-30’s to early 40’s.

Same story.

One couple looks like they use tools to enhance their long-term marriage.

The other looks like tools who need help before their second marriages fails.

The message sends a boost. NW Boomer boosts the booster.

  • Talk often, openly and honestly. 

Do it before words like, “I’ve heard it before, you never stop, and it still sounds like a load,” comes out of your mouth.

If you’ve had a marriage counselor say, “My, but you’re well defended,” show another side.

  • More sex.

You tell friends you’re insatiable, irresistible, and double jointed. Be sure and tell your partner, too.

It’s once a week. Is that asking too much? See your doctor first, boomer.

  • Talk to a life coach or therapist.

I agree with the JOY Professor. Talk to them.

If they say, “My, but you’re well defended,” tell them you’ve heard it before.

  • Spend couple-time together regularly.

This doesn’t mean Happy Hour four times a week and passing out on the couch.

That’s more you-time, and you need a life coach or therapist.

  • Bring more non-sexual touch in your relationship.

Do you know what that is? You should.

Listen player, the game is up. You need to show a better you, then get back to the fun.

  • Nurture outside friendships. 

Do you have friends you don’t see since your marriage? If they’re still single, they bailed on you the same way you bailed on all married people.

You’re married.

Why do married people need friends? It’s not the sign of a bad marriage, just a good friend who finds time for you.

  • Practice forgiveness.

You know where to begin.

Forgive yourself for marrying your partner. You know they could’ve done better.

Then forgive those who said, “I love visiting you. You two are the best example for not getting married.”

Forgive them later when they visit you and your kids and say, “You’re the best reason I know for birth control.”

It won’t be easy.

Make your marriage important enough to care about. It’s not an old shoe.

Your marriage is your best medicine for boomer health and well-being.

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