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Hotel booking in Los Angeles is easy. Fly in for sun and fun, then…


What’s not to love about an LA trip.

You’ve got the weather, the beaches, the beach town.

Don’t forget the palm trees.

Palm tree lined streets just scream LA in a a touristy way.

For the locals it’s all normal, like big trees in Oregon.

You feel a part of it all walking down these streets. Like you belong.

Except for that hotel booking part.


hotel booking


Like every beach place, you need to ask, “How far from the beach will we be?”

The right answer? As close as possible.

Where do you want to spend time? On the beach.


hotel booking


Beach people need the surf and sand like they need sun screen and water.

What are they doing today? Going to the beach.

And it’s a warm beach. That’s hard to understand from a cold ocean state.


hotel booking


Lay on a towel. Wear a hat. Slather on sun stuff.

It’s all part of the fun.

What’s not part of the fun is the consequences of third party hotel booking.


hotel booking


If you show up at your beach hotel booking destination based on a picture, you expect a view, if not a balcony.

A room with a view is beach nirvana.

What if you get a room with this view?

Rooms in the back look out on a wall between buildings.

Nice chairs, clean wall, shade.

But what if you want to change rooms? If prison decor isn’t your bag, talk to the front desk.


hotel booking


The third party hotel booking deal didn’t include changing rooms.

“You didn’t reserve your room through us. Hotel booking with a third party restricts changing rooms.”

Call me a rookie, and I’m not, but the hotel manager seemed to find a room with a wall view instead of the beach was amusing.

It probably is after the 100th time. It was funny to me too, just not ha ha funny.

The beach was fine, good sun, and a nice room.

Once you understand the fine print in third party hotel booking, at least some booking companies, a wall view is no big deal.

Enjoy traveling and don’t let things get you down.

Then when it’s time to leave, leave smarter.


hotel booking

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