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Ask the average Baby Boomer what they like in a movie and they might say, “One that doesn’t put me to sleep.”

Probe deeper and ask, “What keeps you up?”

Sean Paul knows the answer. His film, ‘2012 THE END?’ is a jolt of espresso flowing hot off the screen.

By exploring the mysteries of the Mayan Calendar, Mr. Paul awakens within the viewer a safe way to address the fears of mankind, or at least the segment of mankind concerned with tomorrow.

Using the full palette of visuals available to film makers, Paul pulls the viewer through doomsday and beyond. He takes you on a thrill ride with no end in sight and each time you think it’s over, it takes another turn.

From the Mayan jungles of Spanish conquest to the offices of noted futurists, ‘2012 THE END?’ combines old world/old school documentary with flashes of what to expect in the coming decades.

And he does it in a way to intentionally not spook the casual viewer. The conspiratorial viewer is another matter.

For those who enjoy linear story telling, the movie builds on the solid foundation blocks of classic three act structure, except each phase takes on a life of its own. Sean Paul uses conventional wisdom and adds flavor with the sort of quick cuts expert film makers employ to build tension.

When the question is ‘will the world end in 2012’ you only want one answer. In the hands of a skilled director the answer is different, and you’re comfortable with it.

Part private investigator, part magician, Paul moves from Mayan turf to talking heads. From the looks of them, they are baby boomer-era talking heads. Who better to explain how the world will look? They’ve been seeing things from other angles from the 1960’s on and never stopped.

Paul gathered an esteemed group of intellectuals, visionaries, and prophets to examine the meaning of the Mayan calendar, and in doing so created hope where doom and gloom usually resides. There’s hope if you look forward to being part biological/part technological. You’ll be happy knowing an implanted micro-computer will make you snappier than Windows 8, Galaxy III, and the latest iPhone combined.

If you get a hand chopped off in the future you’ll get a new one better than Luke Skywalker’s. Diseases will be treated in their micro-biological stage. You may live one thousand years.

For those pondering an expended lifespan, the choice will be to remain human, or join the human/machine era. With that sort of time on their hands, human/machine will be able to finally solve timeless questions like “are we a product of nature or nurture, environment or genetics?”

For your answer, watch 2012 THE END?



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  1. Tonya Hamilton says:

    Just tell me this…do I need to do my homework on 12/20/2012, or not!?

    • David Gillaspie says:

      lol. Probably, but if you don’t do your homework you’ve got the best reason, and it’s not the dog eating it. The best part of 2012 THE END? is the serious tone, yet relaxed narrator. It’s got spark you don’t often see and Sean Paul lights it up.

      Your book Wrestling With The Devil has a similar sparky surprise in that it goes beyond place and time and speaks to an inner truth.

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