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Another Case Of Helicopter Parenting, Or Planning For A Better Future?



The older the Baby Boomer, the more they realize fragile life.

More than that, they realize how fragile relationships are. How fragile?

More delicate than an antique Haviland Le Bresil tea cup.

That fragile.

Drop one of those babies and feel instant regret.

“$510? You gotta be kidding me?”

Things have got to be better for the kids than they are for parents.

A conversation with a sixty-something man with an active dating life revealed more than expected.

“I’m in the Harley phase of dating,” he said. “The ladies I date are all at least twenty years younger and most of them have been bi-polar. It’s not pretty. Now I ask them on the first date, or sooner, if they’re bi-polar.”

Do you remember bi-polar dates?

Another date-warrior reported in with this:

“I go to the local bookstore and hang out in the Self-Help section. Show some empathy with whatever subject the ladies are reading about is an icebreaker.”

What can Millenials do to find true romance? Look in the right places.

1. Most would agree you find more in common with people who do things you like to do.

Young people seeking fit folks like themselves should join a gym.

Sure you’ll see all types in the pay-to-sweat gym, from medical re-hab, to people working on weight loss, to a vision of perfection.

The vision of perfection at the gym is usually attached, so moving in on them might be a problem you don’t want.

Besides, from a male point of view, how many times do you want to see old guys in the dressing room pulling jock straps over tightie-whities on the way to the bathroom?

Or the naked man watching television while drying himself off with a towel in a leisurely fashion? These are people who blur the line between private and public, and they ruin the whole gym experience for younger men.

For those seeking higher challenges in fitness, and the accompanying potential dating pool, find another place.

2. A rock climbing gym specializing in ‘Bouldering’ is near the top of the list.

The young men and women on the walls are all in great shape. Spiderman has nothing on them.

They’re all lean, mean, climbing machines with Eye Of The Tiger expressions.

And they are fanatics.

Date a lady from a Bouldering gym and you’d better be ready for Smith Rock in the near future.

If you’re frightened of daredevil women stronger than nylon rope, this isn’t the place for you.

On the positive side you’ll be pushed to your physical limits trying to keep up. If that sounds good, step up and introduce yourself.

If you’re a fan of the female form, rock climbing women can’t be beat. They know the consequences of failure in their sport and let if bleed over into their social lives.

They won’t allow themselves to fall, and if they do, they don’t need you to catch them.

So where’s the middle ground between gym recovery workers and ascending superstars?

3. Go to the next Hopworks Urban Brewery Bike And Brew Festival.

It’s a weekend event full of bike riders and beer fans.

These are fit people smart enough to avoid maniacal dedication to their bodies, people who ride bikes and enjoy beer.

How’s it sound so far?

The big surprise is female fitness. These women lose nothing to the gym or rock climbing people. They probably belong to a gym and do climb.

The difference is attitude. At Hopworks they chill with organic beer, but probably wouldn’t sneer at a PBR.

They’ve got their right pant leg rolled to keep it out of the chain and show their pedal power.

These are the women of future Portland who will navigate their way to the life they dream of.

If you think you can keep up, drop into the HUB on Powell. You’ll be glad you did.

Between the three places listed, Millennials will find their dating stride.

Since my readers are a mix of young and old, add more dating ideas in comments.

Library? Grocery store? That’s so old school, but still a good standby.









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