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3 High Tech Tips For Boomer Weight Loss


High tech is now. It’s the future, too, but it’s not for everybody.

High tech is sleek and beautiful. If you’re a Portland Baby Boomer and you’re sleek and beautiful, keep it up.

If not, take the first step.

  • HAPIfork

The good news from France is a buzzing fork to tell you you’re eating too fast. Even better, it loads your eating data to your iPhone.

Eat too fast and the fork buzzes. If they were serious it would be an electrical shock, but buzzing is a good start.

Baby Boomers know to chew each mouthful of food once for every tooth in their head. The French standard may be different, but the digital fork logs either one.

You may be thinking, “Ha, just another European trick to make Americans stop eating fried chicken, BBQ, and pizza with their hands, to make us look silly forking up cookies,” and you’d be wrong.

Slow eating lets your gut register full before it’s stuffed. The normal full feeling starts about twenty minutes into dinner. Slow eating means less food in your system if you follow the protocol and stop gorging.

Once you download the fork data to your iPhone it’s a matter of time before you’re in front of a screen celebrating your weight loss.

What if a nagging fork isn’t enough to make you push away from the table?

When one English Christmas Pudding isn’t enough, you’ll feel better using this to relieve the guilt:

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With a new take on binge and purge, you can eat and drink in near coma inducing proportions then pump your own stomach. All it takes is a quick and easy out-patient procedure…in Europe.

This isn’t for the slightly over-weight to drop that pesky last ten pounds.

Obesity takes on new meaning beyond the ‘happy fat man’ when it becomes a matter of life and death.

Once you cross the line to do whatever it takes, look at all the options and be honest with your self-discipline.

For every tactic to lose weight, one works every time:

Move enough to make it matter, then move some more. How do you know you’re moving enough?

image courtesy

image courtesy

You wear it on your wrist. It tells time. And everything else.

You’ll know how much you burn off raising the HAPIfork, how much exertion it takes to work the Aspiration Therapy System.

Chop a cord of wood or carry water, the FuelBand’s got you covered. Run Hood To Coast or bench your weight ten times and it goes into your new bracelet.

The digital beauty is in the data, which you’ll find on a screen. It’s the modern way.

Proceed with caution.

This boomer blogger urges you to use the method that works best, but more crucial, to get up and move around.

Boring like a pill, but you’ll take less of those the more you walk.



















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