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Save Your Committed Couple Relationship With Make-Up Sex.

Disagreements? It happens to both sides, married or not, straight or not.

How does this happen?

  1. A man and a woman in a car look for a street sign:

“Didn’t you see the sign? You drove right past.”

“I didn’t see it. I’ll turn around.”

“You drove by on purpose because you don’t like my friends and you’d rather drive around pretending you’re lost than spend one minute extra with them.”

You pull into the driveway five minutes later.

“We’re here.”

“At least I’m here. I know you’d rather be somewhere else. Why don’t you just drop me off and I’ll find a ride.”

  1. A couple walk into an informal restaurant where you read the menu off the chalk board and order at the bar. Sit anywhere you like.

“Let’s share something. I’ll get a salad and you get a burger.”

“The pizza looks good.”

“I don’t feel like pizza. I’ll get the bbq chicken salad and you get the bison burger.”

“The pizza still looks good.”

While they talk another couple takes the table in the house. Another couple ease to the front of the order line.

You break off the menu reading and get in line.

“Wait. I’m not ready to order. What are you doing?”

“Getting a pizza.”

“I don’t want pizza.”

“Then get a salad.”

“I want a burger, too.”

“Then get a burger, too.”

They storm out of the place, talk it over, and come back in. One orders a bad pizza, the other a bad sandwich. No salad, no burger. One of them blames the other.

It’s a silent dinner, like the calm before the storm, which breaks out in all its fury on the way home.

  1. A couple stand in line for beer at a brew festival.

“I don’t know why you want me to come with you. All we’ll do is stand in lines like this waiting for a small overpriced beer while everyone screams at the same time.”

“That’s the drill. You’ve got it down.”

“I don’t like it. You know I don’t even like beer.”

“You didn’t like it last year, or the year before, but here we are.”

“You don’t like it either. I can tell. None of these are your favorite beer. You just come to stand around and listen to people brag about beer. You don’t even know enough about beer to brag.”

“I know enough to bring you so I get two beers on each line stand.”

“That’s it? That’s why I’m here? So you can drink more beer?”

“And drive. I’m responsible like that.”

“So I’m just a tool in your beer fantasy? Is that it?”

“No, she’s the beer fantasy,” you say pointing to a beautiful woman in a knitted PBR hat.”

“Then why don’t you go with her. I’m going home.”

How do committed couples deal with this sort of friction at the end of the day?

You’ve heard of make-up sex? If the disagreement is harsh enough to ruin an evening, how can you resolve it with make-up sex?

This is the negotiation strategy:

“I’m sorry I missed the street sign (food, beer, etc.) I know you were upset. I was wrong. Let’s start over. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

That’s a good start, but you’re not done.

“If my actions were so rude, and I apologized, then we ought to have make-up sex. If we don’t have make-up sex then your feelings weren’t hurt as bad as you pretended and you need to apologize.”

You’re on your own from here.

It might be a rough ride.


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