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You’ve heard about blogs? Bloggers? Blogging?



If you own a business and don’t promote it in social media, current thought says you need to start.

SEO people say start with them.

Web design professionals say don’t forget about us.

If you’ve done that, and are happy with the results, you’re caught up.

If not, you might want to hire a blogger to write a post.

Then what?

Bloggers write for every reason others do, with the difference being they show their work in the light of day.

Shame on the blogger who keeps their sight off-limits. What are they covering that’s such a big secret? If you’re a blogger, open it up.

The savvy blogger picks a niche and works it like a miner, digging down, down, down, to the gold vein they know is there.

BoomerPDX is all about baby boomers of all kinds, their millennial kids, and their lives. It’s a topic that requires a certain experience.

The blog you’re reading has a habit of moving posts to Google’s front page, and it’s no accident.

Name recognition, or brand recognition, means finding an audience. Bloggers do it every way possible, which is why Google rolls out their updates.

They don’t like people gaming their system for page rank.

Organic growth, the kind that comes from readers forwarding links they like to more readers, or to the game-changers they know, create traffic. More readers means more comments and more likes and shares.

At least that’s the idea.

Companies like Problogger and Copyblogger thrive by giving advice to bloggers they can’t find anywhere else. They, and others like them, produce honest advice you can use right away.

Boomerpdx likes them and comments on posts that carry a punch. Often the punch comes from learning what you’re doing wrong. It’s one of those ‘thanks, may I have another’ sort of punches.

If you’re a restaurant a blogger likes enough to write about, and if they send you a link telling you you have permission to post the link where they please, then send a thank you.

On a great post, why not offer dinner and drinks? What makes a great post? People who come in because they read about the restaurant on a blog.

For a company who finds a blogger profiling them, why send a box of wonderful cookies? Everyone likes cookies.

Ideally bloggers find their rewards beyond their current posts. They have sales funnels set up, landing pages, and calls to action. They have advertisers, sponsors, and money in the bank.

The socially conscious blogger responds to needs they see confronting their audience. They write, post, and wait. They market, push, and wait.

Like Tom Petty reminds us, the waiting is the hardest part. That’s why it’s good for writers to have many topics in the fire at the same time. Finish and move on.

What can a recipient of a blog post do to push their cause, or business?

  • Leave a comment on the post.
  • Engage the blogger in normal conversation related to the post.
  • Send an email to the blogger and explain the plan to draw more readers to the post. Most bloggers play along if they have time.

Organic searches look for activity to push a post toward the Google front page. Create activity and wait for results.

Will the results be anything like you expect? Keep this in mind: Time magazine writer Joel Stein says he has a million followers on facebook and twitter. When he called them to action, giving a place and time, one person showed up.

One. Person. Showed. Up.

It was probably a sunny day in SoCal.

If you know a blogger, and they’ve posted about you, make a big effort to push the link they provide.

Your success means their success, which comes back to your success.







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