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How does food give back?

Do you get bonus points? E-dollars? New coinage?

Feeling smart about your choices isn’t good enough?

The right food won’t make you taller, re-grow hair, or improve your ballroom skills.

It won’t get you off the wall at your next dance, either.

food 2But if cells could talk, no one could stand being in the same room with you for all the lusty celebrating they do. Why?

The good stuff knows where to go and how to touch all the bases along the way.

Junk food wanders around, shedding debris like the party drunk. There goes the jacket, the shirt, the dinner. It’s a mess.

For a better example, who would you rather be, a world traveler who packs ten pieces of luggage, or Rick Steves with one piece and a backpack?

One needs a support staff, or at least a taxi driver, to get out the front door. The Steves-tribe wheels right out and gets on their way.

Ten bags means stressing at the check-in, an in-flight worry fit about your wardrobe on the Grand Tour, and straining a porter’s back at baggage claim after landing.

The smart packer stops for a delicious local meal before stretching out on a perfect B&B bed while Ten Bags is still at the airport food3filling out lost luggage forms.

Food works the same way. Stay with me, now.

The more processed the food, the more extra baggage it carries. Even if the nutritional value reads the same as whole foods, the extras slow you down. Over time you’ll notice the drop off.

Food moves slower through your system, you move slower through your life, until it all comes to a standstill.

You’re not dead, but you don’t feel very alive. Look around the next time you’re in a crowd and notice people who’ve hit the wall.

Check a reflection to see you’re different, but don’t stare.

food4If you’ve been eating more pesticide-free food, you see changes. You have brighter eyes, whiter teeth, and shiny hair. If you feed your dog the best food for the same results, why not you?

Take control of your food choices and feel the power.

Emotionally you become stronger with a line of reasoning for dinner instead of the fastest thing from pan to plate. Over processed? Over packaged? No thanks. Nothing against it, but no thanks.

Makes hard choices in the rest of life easier. Do you know what to do when you see two triple sausage slammers with cheese and a half gallon of pop with a chemical apple dessert in cardboard, or an apple? Is it organic?

Make the boomer call.food5


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