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A Gathering Of Oregon Sports News Writers

Part Of The Oregon Sports News Writing Crew.

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According to legend the most difficult task for online people is climbing out of their basement and actually going someplace.

A google search doesn’t qualify as ‘going’ someplace.

Meeting others at a particular time and place qualifies as going someplace.

Joel Stein, writer for Time Magazine, understands the gap between online engagement and showing up.

He put out a call to his one million twitter followers to meet in Los Angeles and hand out bottled water.

One man showed up.

The other 999,999 either didn’t get the message or ignored it.

Arran Gimba, founder and editor of Oregon Sports News, takes a different approach.

His call to action includes beer. You’ve got to show up for that. And the writerly fellowship.

The Writers.

The writers in the picture above write about the Blazers, Winterhawks, and all things sport.

A few have other writer jobs they do while others have used Oregon Sports News as a springboard to internships at Bleacher Report and Yahoo Sports.

Young writers on the way up find exposure here. As the old man of the crew, in the back row looking like a photo bomber, it’s great seeing them move up.

The group gathered last night at Multnomah’s Lucky Lab. Everybody didn’t make it, but most did.

Old Writers.

This Portland baby boomer is an exception to the young man rule. You’re only as old as the last thing you skipped because you felt too old.

At least that’s what you tell yourself.

My last outing with an age feel, a too old feel, was Hunt for the Host. 1080 The Fan held auditions for an on-air voice.

Apparently I came off as insensitive, sexist, and inappropriate. Sounds like John Travolta at the Oscars where he spent more face time on his co-presenter’s face than anyone expected.

Add angry and bitter to the mix and I got axed right away. That’s what happens when you thank Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson for educating people on being better partners and better parents.

That’s what happens when you impersonate Stephen Hawking’s voice. The idea was a joke to explain why the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl. Down and distance explained by the master of space and time?

Seemed like a good fit, especially with the movie out about Hawking, The Theory of Everything. The Hawking character even won the Best Actor Oscar.

“It’s all about that action, boss,” in my Hawking impersonation didn’t go over well.

Writers Gathered.

Getting together with the writers and telling the story was a way to encourage them to stretch out.

When I said I turned sixty recently one of the guys said, “That’s as old as my dad.”

“Can your dad bench 300 lbs?” I asked.

He said no. I said I couldn’t either, but it’s still out there waiting. Bench don’t lie.

One of the joys of being old in a young man’s group is hearing how they respond to life challenges.

They are engaged, newly married, expecting a first child, buying houses, improving skill sets. In other words a lively bunch.

Mention of basement dwellers even got a kick when one writer said, “Hey, I live in a basement and I’m here.”

It’s all about making an effort, and that action.

Fellowship Of Writers.

Look around you and take note on who shows up when asked. Where do you show up when asked?

It’s easier to skip events and meetings and blame age. Just say, “I’m too tired,” and everyone understands.

It’s also a lame excuse for a writer. Sports writers don’t get tired. It’s not like they just played a game.

If you find yourself surrounded by emptiness when you invite friends over, it’s time for new friends.

Send a call out to Oregon Sports News and you’ll have a full house.

Don’t forget the beer if you want Senior Writers to show.


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