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What Brought Blog Fans To Boomerpdx?
Over This Way.

Over This Way.

Like tea leaves in a cup, a blogger’s future rests on patterns. Search patterns

Instead of Oolong, it’s Google.

No credit given, or taken, for spelling.

Search Requests

sake bomb chants

elvis sandwich

mohammed ali

veterans of foreign wars oath of allegiance

baby boomer smokers

the gorge grateful ded

aimee dieterle super hero paintings

muhammad ali quote

cadia natures best

abbey road back cover

mark cuban espresso

darron thomas portland thunder salary

hans schiebold artist

babyboomer bootcamp

ben affleck bruce wayne

tinder usage portland

How often have you hit a blog for one thing and found another? The goal on boomerpdx is not be all things to all readers, but to engage in an extended conversation between generations.

It’s a big goal worth pursuing, and it’s all about setting big goals.


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