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Gunshot wound? Stabbing? I wish. It’s either a chemo port removal patch, an opportunistic moment to show an ab, or a mix of both.


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” ~Benjamin Franklin


I’m no Ben Franklin, but I bet he’d say read a few blog posts on boomerpdx. Why?


What about the stuff that sneaks up on you from behind and drives a stake in your chest, or neck?


The big news on boomerpdx the last six months is me catching HPV16 tongue cancer after decades of incubation.


The weird thing is I was never a kid people told to “watch your mouth or it’ll get you in trouble.”


I watched my mouth and it still got me in trouble. Ba-toom-poosh.


In spite of the current string of posts in my medical category TOUGHEN UP, cancer is a new comer here.


With that in mind, BoomerPdx leans toward younger baby boomers and millennials.


Not that I ignore other demographics, but some groups read more online content and send links to others, which I encourage the heck out of.


If you find a post that rings a bell in your life, forward it on down the line.


Otherwise, the most important thing you can do today is this: check your neck for lumps that hang around. Go ahead.


Start from the back and squeeze to the front, then side to side and top to bottom. Call it the Neck Hokie Pokie: put your left hand here and put your right hand there…


Between the two try and notice anything new.


The biggest part of boomerpdx is the life encouraged. Call it constructive nagging.



I wrote that about three years ago, just floating some normal blogger postives out in the blog world.


The constructive nagging part is new, and even more constructive.


I’m not a born-again cancer survivor, even though I’m writing a book you’ll want to share.


My life before P16 was pretty normal for someone who’s last steady job ended in 2001.


Since then I’ve done writer things, though not enough to keep a roof over an ant’s head.


For that I joined the family cult of wife and kids and mother in law and father in law.
It all makes for a better blogger.



Trust is a big deal no matter the age, but more for older people who’ve been burned too often.



Once you throw yourself into the sort of life you want to live, or learn how to live in the life you’ve got, you’ve suddenly got something to lose. The question is always the same: how much?



You want to believe. I want to believe. And we want proof.



Opinions and idea on boomerpdx are solely my own and come from years of fierce sports competition, an historic Army tour of duty, a history degree along with history jobs, kids, and one wife. The works. We recently got together and taunted one another to mixed reviews.



The right partners in crime are key to good history. It gives a lot to draw from with sources who continue to inspire. If that’s not happening around you it’s either the partners or the crime that’s not right.



Learn the difference. Read posts, click links, buy a book in the sidebar. If you’re an international reader you’ll find a translator in my sidebar.



I’ve had messages that begin with, “I wish there was a way to send this nice blogger money. Some way to contribute or donate to his hard work. He’s doing such a valuable service.”



The good news is you can make a donation. Leave a comment or email: deegeesbb at gmail dot com.



Tell your friends.


Thanks, DG in the magnetic beer hat.


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