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Age Unlimited

or, How Many Ways Can You Say Geezer?  

The Story Remains The Same

The Story Remains The Same

Boomers roll up the years differently than any generation.

Don’t trust anyone over thirty? Not any more.

Hope you die before you get old? The Who didn’t, why should you.

When does the slide to oldie but goodie begin?

Check the Master athlete world records for reference. They run faster and lift heavier than most of the world’s sportsmen.

Take a look at the possibilities of defeat before you challenge a gray head to race on the beach, or lift a car by the bumper.

Some boomers just don’t back off and still enjoy winning everything they do.

The following list comes from, a site I subscribe to that never makes me think of unsubbing.

These are the words boomers taunt you with after they meet your challenge and beat you:

1. Aged: advanced in age, typical of old age; also, at an age
2. Aging: advancing in age, or the concept of growing older
3. Ancient: aged, old-fashioned, or pertaining to long-ago times, or see venerable
4. Anile: pertaining to or resembling an old woman, or see senile
5. Antiquated: of advanced age, or out of fashion or style
6. Archaic: pertaining to an earlier time
7. Dated: old-fashioned; also, provided with a date
8. Decrepit: infirm because of old age, or dilapidated, run down, or worn out
9. Démodé: unfashionable
10. Demoded: see démodé
11. Doddering: see senile
12. Elderly: pertaining to the late period of life, or old-fashioned
13. Fossilized: see outmoded; also, fixed or rigid, or converted into a fossil
14. Geriatric: old or out of style, or pertaining to older people or to the process of aging
15. Kaput: outmoded; also, broken, or defeated or destroyed
16. Long lived: characterized by a long life span
17. Medieval: see antiquated and outmoded; also, pertaining to the Middle Ages in Europe
18. Moribund: inactive, obsolete, or nearing death
19. Mossy: see antiquated; also, something similar to moss, or covered by moss or something similar
20. Moth eaten: see antiquated and outmoded; also, eaten by moths or their larvae
21. Noachian: see ancient and antiquated; also, pertaining to Noah or the era in which he lived
22. Neolithic: old-fashioned because a holdover from another era; also, a scientific term (always capitalized) referring to the later Stone Age
23. Obsolete: old-fashioned, or no longer useful; also, in biology, flawed or vestigial in comparison to similar features
24. Out of date: see outmoded
25. Outdated: see outmoded
26. Outmoded: out of style, or not acceptable or current
27. Outworn: see outmoded
28. Overage: too old to be of use, or older than normal
29. Over the hill: advanced in age, or past one’s prime
30. Passé: past one’s prime, and see outmoded
31. Prehistoric: see outmoded; also, in archaeology and language, from before written history
32. Quaint: old-fashioned; also, odd, elegant, or skillfully designed
33. Retro: see retrograde (however, the short form is from the French term rétrospectif, not from retrograde)
34. Retrograde: fashionable nostalgic, or trendily old-fashioned; also, various technical senses of moving backward or contrary to normal motion
35. Rusty: clumsy or slow due to old age or lack of practice
36. Senescent: old, or becoming old; also, the part of a plant’s life cycle from full maturity onward
37. Senile: pertaining to old age, especially to loss of mental faculties
38. Senior: older, or older than another; also, someone in the highest level in an institution or organization or with high rank or status
39. Spavined: see decrepit; also, afflicted with swelling
40. Stone Age: a period or a stage in the development of a field or institution considered old or old-fashioned; also, in archeology, the earliest period of human culture (always capitalized in both senses)
41. Superannuated: older than is typical, disqualified for active duty because of age, or old-fashioned
42. Tottery: infirm or precarious
43. Unyoung: old
44. Venerable: prompting respect because of age and attendant wisdom or skill, or impressive because of age; also, sacred or deserving of reverence
45. Vintage: old or old-fashioned; also, among the best (said of a particular person or thing), or of enduring interest or worth

Portland might look the same as other cities from a distance, but get close enough and Portland baby boomers show a different face.

They still rock like Led Zepplin IV. Then they crash beautifully.





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