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American education teaches and American education does some learning too, as in we learn how to teach.


Isn’t that the happy ending education promises? Learn how to treat others as you would have them treat you.


Why does that sound so biblical?


This is where the separation does neither American public education or faith based home school any good.


Like silk purses from pigs ears and sh!t to shinola, we want to start higher. How do I teach someone who enjoys sh!tty pig ears more than silk and shinola? How do you change when someone acts like it’s you?


If I taught people how to treat me I’d start with Mrs. Baker my first grade teacher. Make it all of the elementary teachers. Like nurses, they see things in humanity the rest of us might miss.


Teachers, young grade teachers, are our canary in the coal mine. They see it and feel it and correct it before it gets out of control. What is the ‘it?’ Depends on the day.


From single room schools to college campus high schools, small private college class privilege to junior college stadium seating, we learn how to make our way. Is it too much to expect the same from others?


From the rest of the world? Too much? Going out on a branch here with this image:




While not speaking for all baby boomers, GenX, millennial, or all the population of earth, just try this: Learn. To. Get. Along.


The guy on the train isn’t your enemy for your knife to fight.


The woman in the headgear isn’t a threat.


The person sleeping in the doorway isn’t robbing you of anything.


The group marching for Yemen won’t kidnap you.


And you can talk as long as you get over the fear of no one listening, or ignoring you if they hear you.


Unfortunately, acting like an American is getting some bad reviews, could even call them ugly. What to do?


Be the best you can be right now. You remember how to do that?


Then teach someone how to treat you.
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