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Guest Post By Dr. Elaine Gillaspie, ND From The Portland Wellness Center.


The Best Juices For The Best Bodies

Annual body cleansing is an important part of aging gracefully.

A monitored juice fast can clean your digestive system for better nutritional absorption.

It also rejuvenates your skin, hair, and increases your vitality.

Take time in your life to reflect about how we treat our temple.

How do you treat your temple?

Do you drink enough fluids and get enough rest? It sounds simple, but it is essential to good health. So is revamping our exercise and learning more how are bodies work hormonally and immune-wise.

A diet high in super-antioxidants helps lower inflammation and pain, which in turn lowers our allergy response to hay fever and certain foods. A body cleansing juice fast is step toward better health and feeling good naturally.

Cleansing is always a great process to prepare for hay fever and allergy season It’s a great way to start the summer with energy and stamina, to start a new season that says yes to more energy (stamina),  lower pain, lower allergy symptoms, and renewed health.

This is even more true after age 50. Fifty is the cut-off age for the youngest baby boomers and a good time to be more aware of your body.

Take the time in your life to reflect on how to get healthier, not harder but wiser. The next time you workout at the your gym see if you can tell the difference between those who are there to build more muscle and those there to improve their health.

Then ask yourself, “How is my pain level? How will I get through the next 10 years?” The answer is better health.

It’s a big question. This IS age management. It’s you taking charge of your health.

Looking great is part of Age Management. When you become an active participant in your health instead of looking for something wrong, or waiting for something to go wrong, you are more confident. And it shows.

Getting lab analysis and workups help to truly evaluate the process of wellness, not the process of disease. Discover the areas you need to work on and start today.

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This is age management.

Dates for the body cleanse:

May 15th-22nd
June 12th-23rd
September 11th-22nd
October 9th-20th

(Disclaimer: Dr. Gillaspie is my wife. She created the Cascade Rejuvenation Program and has run it for years with many returning participants. I look forward to taking part each year. Columbia Gorge Organic is again supplying juice. You can ‘like’ them on facebook.)

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