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Anxious Boomers worse than Anxious Millennials?

Who carries stress worse, young people or old?

Millennials are the young part, boomers the old part.

Which group is more stressed?

Ask around, or look in the mirror and ask these questions;

1. Would you rather work with education debt, or retire poor?

With one you move the pile, pay the interest, and celebrate closing the college debt account like you just paid off a mortgage.

Kids will be celebrating that day like their parents would have if they hadn’t gone underwater on a sub-prime home refinance.

If a house is a big investment for the future, and boomers killed that particular future by living beyond their means in houses, cars, and vacations they couldn’t afford, then how can millennials be expected to buy into that?

Besides, aren’t the youths more interested in experiences than things, more drawn to ideas than objects?

That’s the story they’re sticking too, and if they continue their anxiety will only grow.

And don’t talk about taking a vow of poverty. It means more when you actually have something to walk away from.

Walking away from your parents’ problems isn’t the same as walking away from your own.

2. Will having children improve the world, or add another brick in the wall?

An old man said every cause is a lost cause until we gain population control. He had a point. He also had four kids.

Boomers wanted it all and they wanted it now. They got what they wanted. It helped that they were coming from the greatest population bulge in history.

Now millennials have similar wants. And they’ve taken over as the champs of most populous generation in America.

If boomers had produced replacements, had two kids then jumped up on the snipper clipper table, millennials wouldn’t be all over the place.

Anxious Millennials and their kids?

Boomer parents swoop in to do what helicopter parents do, and you wonder why millennials are anxious?

How many boomers remember their parents helicoptering in to save the day, any day.

You don’t get that when hippie kids gave their parents the finger and Mom said, “If that’s the bed you make, that’s the bed you’ll sleep in.”

The over-correction a generation later works like this: “I’ll make your bed after you bring your sheets over for me to wash.”

Boomers with kids see the miracle of life right in front of them. And they want to see it again.

Anxious millennials say we’re not ready.

Anxious boomers say, “No one is ever ready until it happens.”

“We can’t afford kids.”

“No one can afford kids, but they always find a way.”

“We don’t have room for kids.”

“Don’t worry, they start out small.”

“You didn’t have kids at my age.”

“Your Grandma had four before she was your age.”


“With three miscarriages.”


“Your great-Grandma had two back alley abortions in the 1930’s before she got divorced.”

“Great Grandma was divorced? Abortions? Why don’t I know this.”

“Oh, honey. We didn’t want you to be anxious.”

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