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Apex Time Is The Right Time For Boomer

or What Do You Order At A Beer Bar

APEX new logo 080811Scouring southern England for a decent beer, then southern Spain, leaves no doubt about the beer here.

How many times can you smile through a pint while crying on the inside?

How many times can you repeat ‘flat and lifeless’ to yourself while saying, “Nice finish,” to the brewer?

If you’re a baby boomer, the beer clock is ticking.

Make a run to the Apex Beer Bar and you’ll have fifty chances. Since it’s Oregon you’ll save your tears and woe. And since it’s Oregon, beer is an adventure.

Like Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild where she walked sections of the Pacific Coast Trail, try a new beer every few days, or a few beers every new day.

Either way you’ll be drinking in a BEER bar, as in bring your own eats. But Apex, like any great bar, is more than the drinks. It’s like this:

Walking up to the small door with rows of empty picnic tables sitting in the rain looked like a scene from an abandoned boardwalk where you feel lucky a place is open.

The show inside wasn’t about fifty beers either. It was more about discovering what sort of beer you really like. The choices were on the wall, on tap, and ready to pour.

You might go in an IPA fan and find a double-hopped lager that changes your beer universe. In this, the land of the IPA, you want to like it, but what do you do when you find the perfect beer?

Chances are you’ll find it at Apex. I went in, found a great beer, and for the first time thought it was worth at least five bucks.

Before you begin your Apex journey, go back to Cheryl Strayed. She had a defined route. You’ll need one too. Every step is weighted. charts a course for you to follow using trusted guides.

You know you’re local beers from McMenamins to Bridgeport to Widmer. Go to Apex and put yourself to the taste test on beers from California to Canada, including the beer kingdoms of Germany, Belgium, and Denmark.

They all taste better in Oregon.











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