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Best Is Better Than Good

Dark and light, but not that light

Dark and light, but not that light

You’ve seen the cute card that says, “This weekend I’m enjoying my favorite drink. It’s called A Lot.”

For the responsible drinker it’s pretty funny.

Where do you find your favorite drink?

Boomerpdx asked that question and got an answer from a boomerpdx member.

Stu from the midwest pointed out the Made In Oregon Store’s beer selection.

He picked a dozen local beers and sent them to his family, a taste of Oregon in the land of Milwaukee’s Best. They’ll love it.

Around Portland you see breweries like Bridgeport, Widmer, and McMenamins. But there’s so much more, and the Made In Oregon Store makes them easy to find.

Looking for something snappy? Ninkasi out of Eugene is snappy. Six beers to choose from, a winter four pack, gift packs, hoodies, hats, and t-shirts. It’s a lifestyle. You can’t go wrong.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like Total Domination beer coasters.

Rogue Ales Brewery in Newport shows seventeen beers on Not enough? Look for pint glasses, shot glasses, and a homebrew beer kit. That’s enough.

Upright Brewing comes in with four good looking beers named Four Wheat, Five Pale, Six Dark Rye, Seven Saison. Add them all up and stay upright.

Hopworks Urban Brewing notes:

Hopworks Urban Brewing’s mission is to craft world-class organic beer as sustainably as possible. HUB, Portland’s first Eco brewery, is 100% renewably powered and cradle-to-gate carbon neutral. Try their best organic beers: DOA Deluxe Organic Ale, Organic Hopworks IPA, Organic Rise Up Red Ale, Organic Secession Cascadian Dark Ale, or Organic Survival 7-Grain Stout.”

Green certified doesn’t sound so good with beer, but it’s a good thing.

Portland Baby Boomer beer drinkers remember the only game in town when Blitz brewery on Burnside competed with Olympia for local flavor. Olympia’s ads boasted, “It’s the water.” Beer fans said, “If they knew it was the water why didn’t they do something about it?”

Eventually it got better.

The first micro-brews in Portland were Grants and Red Hook. The first hoppier than the second and the leader in the IPA tsunami.

Help me out here. Acapulco’s Gold restaurant was on the corner of NW 14th and Flanders. Portland Brewing opened in the middle of the Flanders block down from The Gold? Wasn’t that the first place Grants showed up? Then a licensing problem with the recipe changed the Grants name?

When you choose between the great beers on Made In Oregon dot com, remember to add a little beer lore to the package. That’s the beauty of history. You don’t have to live it, just know it a little.




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