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Baby Boomer Big Time In An Oregon Package


Who made you who you are?

What person or event changed you most?

Famous people have their story worked for these questions.

Maybe you should too.

  • Movie stars felt the grip of the grease paint on the playroom stage of their family holiday productions.
  • Politicians felt the call to duty after visiting a disaster area, or a country in civil war. After that they want to improve the lot of those back home.
  • Athletes bring the same skills as anyone else, but hone them into a limited set. They apply that skill set to their sport. If they are good enough they hit the Big Time.

Big Time is making a team in high school. Big Time might be playing under the lights on a Friday night, or in front of the cameras on a Saturday.

  • What about people who want a better place?

Big Time depends on where you are at the moment.

It’s not all about big cities and bright lights. Big Time on the Oregon coast is a kid from Charleston going to the Coos Art Museum. In LaGrande it’s an artist reaching out to young artists in the community.

Big Time might be someone in Moro visiting the Sherman County Historical Museum on the day they decide to move away, but change their mind.

The Big Time happens in small places with the help of grants. The Ford Family Foundation helps the Coos Art Museum; the Collins Foundation helps Eastern Oregon Regional Arts Council; the Meyer Memorial Trust helps the Sherman County Historical Museum.

Will any of these names click with a fourth grader? Probably not, but they do with the people providing a Big Time experience in small towns across Oregon.

Portland isn’t the only place to attend the theater, a concert, or a workshop. Grants help local organizations build the Big Time in their own backyards.

I asked some New Yorkers once if they saw the same television programs and commercials as the rest of the country. They said,, “This is New York, we see everything and we see it first.”

When I asked them if they knew where Oregon was, some got it right.

One person said, “Near Wyoming?”

Another said, “in California?”

They were Big Timers in the Big City. They’d never guess what’s in Oregon.

Fishtrap, or Ross Ragland Theater, or Riverbend Live? No, but you do.

The Big Time is right where you are. The evidence shows the faces you see.

They are Oregon faces. They are you.

They are us.

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