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Is it time to paint your masterpiece? Short answer: YES.

When you’re a baby boomer blogger, you rag, that’s what you do. But are you good at it?

If you’re a baby boomer blogger and you’re not good at ragging it out, find a way.

You don’t want to be left behind, the one who didn’t rag enough.

Like Robert Kennedy said, “If not you, who? If not now, when?”

If you need some resources to draw a rag from, try Pew Research.

I’ve avoided it for a while, but it looks better recently.

The questions asked aren’t always on track, but they stir the pot.

For instance, one question is graphed by response to this:

“Do you think abortions should be legal or illegal?”

It’s under the data tag.

Dear Pew, check the law. Abortion is legal, though may be restricted.

I think you know that, but you’re looking for a rise.

Know your audience.

Lively, right?

What’s more important, gun control or protect rights to own guns?

Here in Oregon we’re getting a good look at gun rights over in Burns. We get media pictures of the guys and their guns.

They don’t look like the sort of shooting party you want to join.

Maybe a little out of control? With guns?

That’s the picture that goes along with the baby boomer blogger rag.

Dear Pew, if you thought an armed militant was following you around a one horse town in a pick up truck, which would make you more comfortable, gun control or gun rights?

Rounding out the three topics on the Domestic Issue tab:

Oppose same sex marriage, or favor same sex marriage?

Let me ask, are you married? If you are, is it a same sex marriage? No? Do you want a same sex marriage?

If you and your opposite sex spouse are happily married, that ought to be good enough.

Check the divorce rates for same sex marriage. Happy isn’t easy.

If you’ve got your marriage together, then who is the same sex marriage for? What’s it all about?

Same sex marriage is for people of the same gender who want a legal union just like you.

Too many snippy readers say your opinion on these domestic issues doesn’t matter.

The baby boomer blogger rag says you need the prerequisites.

  • Women can choose to have an abortion. It comes with the child bearing gear.

Men never have abortions. That’s just how it works out.

Some men may have vagina-envy, though.

  • Americans may own guns.

That’s the law of the land.

Should everyone have the right to own a gun?

Check the news and report back.

Does chunky camo-guy with body armor in the middle of no where Oregon, one of my favorite places, need a show piece?

There he is walking the perimeter, snacking during fire watch, pumped full of national pride he learned from someone else’s experience, not his.

And taking directions, not orders, from a group of men redefining law and order on their terms.

Who’s in charge of fire control, as in gun fire? Or all they all on their own?

Like guns and abortions, the law is the law.

Supreme Court says it’s so.

The baby boomer blogger rag says tie all three together, guns-abortions-same sex marriage, and make something out of it.

Like this:

A pregnant woman married to another woman may have a legal abortion and shouldn’t need a gun to enforce the law.

Your turn.

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  1. Mark M Mullins says:

    Ha ha ha, good ending. Nice piece

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Scientist always like proof of things. They have ideas, hunches, wishes, but the proof is the lasting evidence.

      As my Bible study indicates, proof is often a question of faith.

      Now it feels like the new Bible is a question of fair laws, or unfair. Or faith in constitutional interpretation?

      Like science, laws still mean something. Laws of nature and laws of man.

  2. Jack Schleyer says:

    Great site Dave!

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