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Baby Boomer Blogs On The Podium

The Escher Selfie via

The Escher Selfie

You’ve seen Top 20 lists. Things get tighter with a Top 10.

We’re conditioned by the Olympics to only care about the Top 3, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists.

Once you get this far, it’s an easy bump to say #1, The First Place Finisher, is all that matters.

Even if it’s a 1/100th of a second victory in a gold medal swimming event, you rule.

The same goes for Baby Boomer blogs. There’s only one, but so many deserve mention.

Fifty three was the number on babyboomermedia’s 53 Baby Boomer Blogs and Websites You Should Know About. It’s an article with a picture of a cute couple in their club clothes looking at a laptop screen.

They look like vacationing doctors. Their page also looks like WebMD, a favorite boomer destination, or will be.

Bronze is their color.

If you need more proof you’re getting old, look at Best of Baby Boomer Blogs on You’re a senior. Just like your parents, you are a Senior Citizen, Valued Citizen, a time traveler in your Golden Years.

You watch re-runs of Golden Girls and start doing the math. You’re still older than Maude.

Give them the Silver Medal.

To find the heart of boomerpdx, and baby boomers everywhere, you must focus on what’s not on baby boomer blogs. Like the Escher Eye.

Regardless of age, we all have the same information needs: What’s hot, what’s not, and how to tell the difference. Money, health, and travel. Fitness, diet, and style. None of it’s exclusive to boomers.

Not much else is either, but by the noise coming from younger generations, you’d think Boomers were a plague. Well, even a plague deserves honors at the end of the year.

The 2013 BoomerPDX Gold Medal for boomer blogging greatness looks to the roots of what created Boomer Attitude: hanging out with older kids who knew too much.

Ken Kesey was the first and greatest guide for early boomers. He was also thirty years old in the Year of the Hippie, 1965.  He lit their way, they kept it lit for the rest of us.

Today Zane Kesey keeps sparks flying on Key-Z Productions. One visit is enough to flash you back to wherever it takes you. It’s not a blog, but it’s something else.

Stare at the flashing background until you see a gold medal in there.

I’m willing it to be there.

Keep looking, boomer, then tomorrow click on, a new kind of baby boomer blog.

They look good for next year with the freshest of starts.





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  1. I may be a little biased, but I LIKE THIS POST lol

    Seriously, though, did you recuse BoomerPDX from being a contender because you were the judge? If so, you should rethink that decision, IMHO.

    In any case, thank you for the vote of confidence — and I look forward to seeing everyone who’s interested over on Boomeon. To paraphrase Tom Bodett, I’ll leave the light on for you.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      I think you might have something there. To all my boomer readers and boomerpdx heavy hitters, swing by (I hear they’ve got a sports writer digging for big stories.)

      So you know, David Dewhirst just launched Boomeon. If you blog, design blogs, or just interested in what’s new, take a look.

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