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Baby Boomer Concerns


What's better, a pie or picture of a pie? Dig in.

What’s better, a pie or picture of a pie? Dig in.

Fretting isn’t part of any DNA.

Fear? We’ve all got that, but working with it is part of life.

Overcome fear and you feel like you’re really living right. Why? Because you are.

A google search of Baby Boomer Concerns netted fears, so if you’re wondering what to worry and fret about, you’ve come to the right place. hit it’s mark with the basics of baby boomer finances. It’s not a guide on what to do on their next pledge drive. They don’t recommend you give them all your worldly goods like you’d do with a good cult.

Next up, a website called offers this nice take:

“The media has portrayed the Baby Boomer Generation in many lights. With increased educational, financial and social opportunities, the Boomer Generation is often portrayed as a generation of optimism, exploration and achievement.”

Sound right to you? Sounds right to me, too, especially when the previous generation came through the Great Depression and World War Two. Something to eat without a gun pointing at you? I’ll take it. Dodging those two cataclysms is enough to make anyone feel optimistic, exploratory, and results driven.

In the number three slot, shows up with top seven downer points given by Debra Whitman, a vice president at AARP at a recent aging conference. They hit on money (not enough), making it last, postponing retirement, health, health care, dealing with mental health issues, and getting politicians to deal with the fact that baby boomers aren’t going away quietly.

All good, right? So get to studying the problems and solutions, then take a break. You don’t need to quiz everyone near fifty, but not yet seventy, about their hopes and dreams in the future.

Instead of parroting the fears you see in everything posted about baby boomers, why not embrace the day and create a moment of calm with your friends. You know they have the same concerns as you, unless you hang out with the elderly or the youth.

Boomer fears will drive either of those groups nutty, so unless you want that on you conscience, stick with boomers.

When it all gets to be too much, remember this: With 79 million boomers, along with those who jump on the bandwagon, those who thrive will pick up the slack for those who don’t.

Remember the words of the other Elvis when he sang, “What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding?” It didn’t start with boomers, but it’s part of our circuitry.

If you’re a Portland baby boomer and know this, spread the word.






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