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Baby Boomer Daughters Rolling On A River, part 2

Lots Of Room

Oregon colleges with crew pales in comparison to the number of eastern states. They are OSU, PSU, UofO, Willamette, and UP.

Oregon high schools are no better with five clubs. Tiny Connecticut has more than thirty.

What then, does a high school freshman girl rowing for her future have to look forward to in Oregon? Go to OSU if you want to row with the big fish. Or go out of state.

Washington and Cal might open the door, but they only want certain athletes. Height, weight, erg times? They all matter. So do injuries.

The east coast has their own priorities, and plenty of choices.

Why not look to schools adding the sport of rowing to comply with Title IX. Find a school looking for real athletes to compete in real sports. The University of Oklahoma sounds right. They know how to win. They embrace the ancient sports like wrestling.

Rowing would be an excellent fit for a school like the University of Oregon.

Girls from all over the west coast would flock to a new program in a school with demonstrated greatness. Women’s indoor track collects national titles. They know how to win. Rowers would take a winning place in the sports program.

Women’s rowing at Oregon makes sense when you consider the latest multi-million dollar television contract for football. Add women’s rowing, add men’s wrestling, and you’ve got a pair of the oldest sports known to man.

Add the Duck fan base and you’ve got a winner heading out of the chute.

With the lakes and rivers of our state, why not launch an athletic program that puts people out on them. Sports fans love a good race, whether it’s go-karts or youth rowing. They will show up when kids they know compete. Find a way and stand back.

The women rowers will lead. Baby Boomer parents will push them.

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