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So This Is Why There’s So Much Anger.

Native Healing Circle in Sedona, AZ. Finger walk on your screen to feel better.

Native Healing Circle in Sedona, AZ. Finger walk on your screen to feel better.

Even the sound of ‘premeditated resentment’ sounds so wrong.

If you’re going to premeditate something it’s usually murder as in ‘premeditated murder.’

You’ve got a victim in mind and make plans to knock them off? That’s premeditated murder.

Next stop, death row.

Expectations don’t seem as harsh.

You expect your car to start. When it doesn’t you need to blame someone, but who?

Not you. It’s not your fault you never change the oil or keep gas in the tank.

It’s the dealer, the manufacturer, or a mechanic and you’ve got just the strongly worded letter for them.

Let it fly, just don’t expect a satisfying return. Feeling resentful yet?

If not, continue.You went to college, got a degree, then another, and planned on working in a big publishing house, meeting interesting people.

Instead you teach English As A Second Language and had to learn a second language for the job.

Oooo, that’s a burn.

Before 2008 you invested in housing and used the equity to live large. You expected the large life to last a little longer.

Then the whole thing collapsed.

You blame Wall Street bankers, shady real estate hucksters, and anyone else you can load resentment on.

And you don’t know how to stop that waterfall of regret.

The pony tail you once had turned into wispy strands of comb over.

It’s gray because the hair paint you used to use caused a harsh scalp rash.

Even the do-rags a different so you stopped tying that on.

It could be worse.

Did you get a hip replaced with one on the alert list?

You’ve seen the ad for the culprits and yours isn’t on it, but it’s still a problem.

You’ll feel ten years younger, your doctor said.

A hip is much easier than a knee replacement, said everybody.

Except your hip still hurts and now the knee on the opposite leg keeps acting up.

For all the free love, save the whales, and racial harmony from the Sixties all you see are STDs, endangered species, and deadly action from all sides of the racial spectrum.

You protested, sat in, teached in, and all you’ve got to show for it is are more calls to action.

When they said your generation changed society, you expected better results.

You did your part, now you’re resentful of those who don’t step up today.

If you feel resentment on big issues, focus on smaller ones. If you’re resentful of smaller things with the same feeling for bigger ones, it might not be an issue problem.

Google ‘expectations are premeditated resentment.’

Instead of millions of hits in half a second you get 17,700, give or take.

That’s a dinky number and the pages you’ll find are therapy based.

Resentful people need help? Next up, the sky is blue.

Instead of resentment returns on expectation investments why not strive to do your best and see how that feels?

Don’t rely on someone else to ruin your day.

See how this fits your busy life:

Identify a problem.

Uncover a few solutions.

See which one works best.

If the first one fails, move to the next.

If they all fail, you’ve got a bigger problem that needs bigger solutions.

Since you’re just one person, break the problem down to its problematic core and follow what grows out of it.

Work solutions for each growth.

Will you solve the problem? Probably not, but you will solve the problem your friends and family have, which is dealing with a resentful person all the time.

That’s one result you can expect with no premeditated resentments.

You being you is the best gift you can offer.

And do it with love.

I expect you to leave a comment on your progress, but I won’t be angry if you don’t.

See, it’s working already.







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