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The Beatles.


For all the bands that go on forever, The Who, The Stones, Bob Dylan, why did we lose The Beatles so early? Baby boomer abandoned?

Could be they burned so bright they went blind to our needs?

Five years of top albums in the decade might do it.

The Beatles had their five. Dylan had two. The Beach Boys had one with their own Beatle album Pet Sounds.

The Doors and Velvet Underground finish the top ten albums of the decade according to

Punk in the late 70’s and grunge a decade later owe Jim and Lou.

Through it all The Beatles laid the foundation. Pianos, orchestras, studio sounds that couldn’t make the move to live performances.

Did the Lads quit too early. Modern technology wasn’t modern enough for their times.

We could send a man to the moon, but The Beatles couldn’t get their sound right enough to tour.

Instead of Beatles in the 70’s we got Pink Floyd. We got Genesis and David Bowie. We got Fleetwood Mac and BrUUUce.

We got Led Zeppelin and The Ramones, Neil Young and The Clash.

Pink Floyd and technology, the drama of Bowie, you can see The Beatles in them.

The Ramones even look like early Beatles.

Paul McCartney could have subbed for Lindsey Buckingham in Fleetwood Mac. Would’ve been Fleetwood Macca Mac.

Bruce and Dylan? Different sides of the same coin if Dylan sang with a man-voice.

Any attempt to pick one band over the rest dominating Classic Rock stations begins and ends with the Fab Four.

None of been as fabulous.

Their movies introduced MTV.

Their Indian influence opened the door for spiritual search.

Later work, John and Yoko in the Plastic Ono Band along with Paul and Linda in Wings, reached new musical heights.

It was okay to scream about your mother. It was okay to fall in love. It was okay to grow up.

What does Mick Jagger give us? He looks like he’s having a good time. Maybe too good.

What does Roger Daltrey offer? Shirtless sweat with a an ageless scream. And rock muscle. Looks like a gym guy.

With John and George off the charts, and Ringo touring with All Stars, Paul carries the load for the 60’s and 70’s.

There he is with Dave Grohl, who would have been a fine Beatle.

There he is with Kanye, who’s fans wonder who Paul is.

And he’s on the Parade Magazine cover this week.

Go, Paul, go. We still need you. Maybe not Another Silly Love Song, but we’ll take it with the whole package.







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