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Baby Boomer Travel

or, How To Get Out Of The House And Not Go Crazy

Wearing a Jethro hat in front of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Wearing a Jethro hat in front of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

You’ve got a check-list and you see a few boxes that need marks.

Go to college and get a degree? Check.

Pay off student loans? Check.

Get married and have kids? Check and check/check.

Get divorced? No check.

Run a marathon? Check.

Run two marathons? No check.

Take a trip to Europe? Why?

Once more: Take a trip to Europe? Okay, check/check.

Based on a google search of Baby Boomer Travel, two sites standout on the front page.

The Roaming Boomers looks fun. So does My Itchy Travel Feet. Why? Because you can read them and because they go places you’d like to see.

Now back to the list.

Travel to Spain and pose with ham? Check.ham

Wander around old Barcelona and get lost? Check.Barcelona

Spy giant bull on a hillside? Check.Bull

Get picture with Hemingway picture and eat his favorite paella? Check/check.Hemingway

As a boomer you might ask yourself, “Am I too old to roam the Olde Country?

As a reluctant boomer traveler whose wife would have gone without him if he felt too old, start making plans.

Once you get there it’ll be more fun than you’ve had without speaking a common language.

Go ahead and say, “Tickets for two, please.”

Sounds like this, “Entradas para dos personas por favor.”




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  1. I enjoyed seeing the “checks” you’ve made to your boomer travel list. What’s next? And thanks for mentioning My Itchy Travel Feet where we write about active travel for boomers.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for coming in and commenting. It’s a treat to have you visit boomerpdx. My readers, followers, and friends can learn much from My Itchy Travel Feet dot com.

      Live local in a foreign land? Check.

      Stay healthy to keep traveling? Check.

      Publishes guest bloggers? Check.

      I’ve got a great post for My Itchy Travel Feet. It’s about the search for the real King Arthur from Tintagel to Glastonbury Abbey with some great shots of the sights.

      In the mean time, visit Donna’s site for great travel info.

      Can’t go wrong,


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