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Most sites mention substance abuse and drug addiction.

Are you surprised? Probably not if adults were around who were too drunk to even remember they had kids.

If that’s you, boomerpdx sends sympathy.

If that’s not you, and you’re on a mission to prevent other families from suffering by unloading your alcohol and substance research every chance you get, this is for you:

Check yourself.

Philip Seymour Hoffman supposedly told one of his heroin pals that if they died, they’d be saving ten other junkies who’d change their lives because of them.

Is that rehab talk, junkie talk, or reality?

Do alcoholics say the same thing? How about stoners? Do pot heads think they’re saving anyone if they smoke themselves all the way out?

Booze, junk, and week, oh my.

Consider the delivery systems.

  1. The Needle.
  2. The Bong.
  3. The Bottle.

You’re either stabbing yourself in a vein, inhaling smoke, or drinking fluids.

Anyone giving injectables a green light for recreational drug use needs to read up on recreation. Sure, rock climbing can kill you as dead as heroin, but there is a difference.

A former heroin addict and friend of boomerpdx said being on heroin was a full time job. You’re either wasted, coming down, or planning your next fix. That’s it.

Naturally he was also a dealer during his user days. That was the only job he and his addict friends could focus on. He called it Being In The Life.

That’s not what Mr. Hoffman calls it.

Getting fired up about heroin is easier than going on a crusade against alcohol and weed. In spite of the great beers evolving every day, and more states eyeing the benefits of legal marijuana, no one is rolling out plans for a hype house.

IV drug addicts are a different bunch, a whole ‘nother level of how high is too high.

And they get our scorn until someone close to use goes all in on weed, rents out space in their house for grow operations, and starts hanging with a new crowd.

Or they go all in on alcohol and start each day with a pop and end each night with a capper.

Heroin is easy to point at until you have substance abuse in your house, your circle of friends, or in the seat next you on the bus.

My favorite naturopath called with a new study on alcohol’s effect on baby boomer brains. Suffice it to say that drinking too much on a regular basis won’t increase your mental acuity. Add bonging to the beers and you’ll be the itchy, scratchy boomer drooling on yourself.

It’s the sort of picture you see associated with hard core drug addicts, just a pile of dirty laundry crumpled in a corner. The well to do boomer is more likely wearing his designer duds, but is there a difference?

You tell me.





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