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Baby Boomers In Ruin

Why do they ruin everything? They don’t.


The man to heal the rift. A silver Abe.

Joe Klein, the crackerjack political writer, looked at the day and said, “Baby Boomers Ruined The Government.”

He hammers the spike further into the ‘Peace, Love, and Understanding’ generation with, “The U.S. can lay the blame for its current political mess at the feet of my generation.”

Boomer¬†PDX says, “Come Joe, say it ain’t so.”

Boomers are old enough to take the blame, but not on this one.

Whose fault is it that representatives of the people for the people get elected with no intention of joining the Washington, D.C. club?

Look at the folks who go to the capitol and cloister themselves in their offices to work their magic.

Where’s the magic in surrounding yourself with yes-men? There’s no modern script for legislators, no constructive party line to toe, so they play follow the leader instead.

When the leader is a rich lemming disguised as a true American and heads for the cliff, others follow. In the rush they don’t notice the lead lemmings step aside and admire their work.

Boomers ruined the government? Not any more than they’ve ruined anything else.

In an environment of free will Baby Boomers were known to check out, get back to nature, get high, and search for their soul mate. Then we all grew up.

Check out? Not if you wanted a good bed to sleep on.

Back to nature? The suburbs are not nature no matter how many trees you post up on your yard.

Get high? Their Iowa ditch weed high was more oxygen depravation than THC, but they got fried on acid. Or were supposed to on Dr. Leary’s orders.

Soul mate? Keep looking brother. Call your wife or husband when you get close. They’ll want to share a laugh with their friends.

Did boomers ruin the government by voting for Ronald Reagan? Even The Gipper understood Washington for what it is. Get out of the office, share a few drinks with Tip O’Neal, and make a deal. Hit the party circuit and listen to the chatter.

Booze opens more doors and causes more embarrassment than the one term teetotalers showing up from redefined voting districts. A quick peak into J. Edgar Hoovers lingerie drawer shows that.

No need to swim in a reflecting pool with a hot bombshell of a woman, but get loaded, say the wrong thing, and join the club. Man-up for America.

If boomers are guilty of anything, it’s being a bad follower. President Clinton tried to play off his lady problems as regular business. That’s how the old boys who tried to impeach him played.

Even President Bush II was a bad follower. His leader, Mr. Cheney, taught him the proper steps by asking for important decision to run through him. But at the end, W followed the beat of a different drummer like all good boomers do and Cheney rolled out of power in a wheelchair.

If he’d been able to get Scooter pardoned for the CIA leak he would have cartwheeled out of office with a hand spring finish.

Boomers are old enough to blame, but the even older dogs in Congress have them on a special leash, grooming them to follow abegeneral orders, as in “What’s good for General Motors is good for America.”

For all the chicken hawks on both sides, the REMFs up front, and pretty boys with their special agendas, don’t lay the government blame all on boomers.

Just give us a fair share and we’ll be happy.





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