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As much as forever young Boomers hate to admit it, going around the block a few times is a plus.

The first time around was enough to make you say, “Wow.” Everyone says wow.

The second time might not be so awe inspiring, but still a good lap.

The third time around the block feels like sleep walking. You’re not in a rut, but if you circle the same bl0ck often enough you start looking for a new block.

As the years stack up, a new block looks better and better, so you go.

The first time around the new block you say, “Wow” again.

The second time feels like a re-run of something.

The third time around the new block and every time after?

You know the story.

So how do we stay engaged, stay forever young?

Start with one choice. “Just one?” you ask.

After the first choice the others show up. The first choice? Weight loss surgery or no surgery.

Choose surgery then check the list of options by body part. You know those parts. Choose no surgery and you start working with the whole enchilada.

If you’ve been around the block then you know the problems with surgery. So do Kenny Rogers and Bruce Jenner and Joan Rivers. And so many others.

Even if you get the visual results you pay for, something happens in your head.

People look at you differently. It’s the look you’ve seen others get, the hotties. Now you get the same look when you’re used to either being invisible or getting disapproving looks.

Not anymore.

With the right balance of liposuction, implants, and injection you’re camera ready for modeling poses. Except you go off the deep end with the new attention, which is good for single people, not so good for married with kids people.

The last thing a growing family needs is a ghost facebooker, texter, or skyper. Call it a ghost because even if your partner can’t see them, they feel them. They see the new looks aimed at the new you.

Is this something you want to put a loved one through?

The non-surgical weight loss choice is the long, slow, grind of choices. Less drama, more doubt, more to overcome late at night with a bag of cookies calling your name.

When you finally reach your weight loss point, you get there with an attitude. You won the fat challenge and no one can take it away, or more important, take credit.

The new you is the same as the old you, just smaller. You get the hottie looks. You give the, “You have no idea” look in return.

How do you win the fat challenge? It’s diet, exercise, drinking lots of water, and staying on task. You don’t need to brag, but you do have to pass on the extras. Loose candy, seconds, a fifth meal? Pass, pass, and pass.

Fast weight loss stories include fast weight gain stories whether it’s surgical or not. Habits do that.

For a better platform to place the new you, talk to people about changing life habits. New people may not understand what you’ve gone through, but they see someone they want to get next to.

Are they shallow for ignoring the larger version of you? Are you shallow for wanting them to admire the new you?

Work it out the best you can, just know the love you felt from people before you got thinner is the same love they show you now.

Boomers who’ve been around the block a few times can tell the difference between love and a smoldering glance in a mirror from a stranger.

Have you seen those looks after your own big changes? Share the story with us at boomerpdx.




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