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Lock And Load, Clear Down Range, Rock And Roll

Are Portland baby boomers worried about the firearms debate?

From the press the city gets you’d think it hard to fit anything between a free range egg-white omelet, an organic latte, and a happy light session with a book on tape.

But yes, the gun nuts, the anti-gun, and the good gun boomers weigh in.

So does boomerPDX.

First a quick inventory.

Two rifles from the Spanish-American War showed up from my Dad’s friend. He said he wanted me to have them as a remembrance after my Dad died.

Neither are functional weapons because the friend used parts to finish repairs on his own arsenal.


Since it’s Oregon and the country is close by, I’ve driven forty-five minutes to find a logging road on a weekend that’s safe for shooting with friends.

The idea of gun safety begins with knowing one end of a weapon from the other.

With that in mind I heard this gun conversation:

“I only have 2500 rounds for my rifle,” one man said.

“Oh man, you must feel naked,” said the other.

“I do.”

Are these two normal guys talking about guns, or two really bad shots?

The forest AND the tree

The forest AND the tree



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