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Special events have one thing in common: they’re special.

The only problem is remembering how special.

Sure you’ve got pictures to break out. Nothing refreshes memory like images. Video is even better.

But what drives things deeper into meaning is talking about it.

“Remember the time when…?”

We’ve all heard stories that began that way.

If you belong to a club or an organization that goes on retreats you may come back with a t-shirt.

Like most t-shirts the emblems fade or peel until you don’t wear it anymore.

Not with Big Frog Custom T-Shirts And More.

What makes their product different? You were about to ask, right?

I met the owners of the local shop and asked to drop in.

The onsite graphic artist worked a stack of hoodies through the printing and drying process in the open design shop on Murray Blvd. It was the ultimate wysiwyg, what you see is what you get.

The sweat shirts looked perfect. Clean edges, sharp interior art, and made to last.

I thought of all the teams I’ve played on and coached and all the gear associated with them. The one piece I wish lasted longer were the t-shirts.

Why? So someone would see it and ask about the team. Players and coaches love talking their sports. That’s why there’s so many sports talk radio shows, television shows, and game coverage.

We can’t get enough.

Imagine your team wearing gear with a custom logo you made. It’s a bonus few get or give.

Who else would look great in a custom t-shirt, button down shirt, or hooded sweatshirt? Everyone.

Although you run into copyright and licensing with original art, imagine wearing your favorite painting?

A recent BoomerPDX post highlighted the kites created by Ron Bohart. He’s a watercolor artist who uses applique techniques and custom dyes to launch his art from easel to air. His work is so beautiful you wouldn’t want to wear the shirt it was printed on.

But you could with permission.

Laura Ross-Paul’s painting as walk around apparel? You wouldn’t make it one block before getting questions. Her new book cover on a shirt front would be outstanding. Imagine seeing “THEIR MINE AND I’M KEEPING THEM” walk past.

Artist and author Martha Hull creates the sort of work that needs the air a shirt would provide. Find her at for a good look.

Respect artists and writers and seek permission before using their work.

If you have an AirBnB, why not give your customers a reminder of their time in town? If that doesn’t say thank you and hope to see you again, what does?

Respect goes to Ryan and Ryan, the team behind Big Frog Beaverton. These two millennials bucked the trend and dove into the entrepreneurial world. They saw a way to improve the standards of branding. Give them a call or email at (503) 746-5756 or

Here’s the unexpected surprise waiting. These are local guys, rugby players and coaches, who understand the meaning behind their work.

Do they take your requests lightly? No. Will they turn your idea into something with lasting effect? Yes.

Shockingly enough you’ll end up with a thirty dollar shirt, or more, for much less with no minimum order, no set-up or art fee if you need a hand, and a 24 hour turn around. Does it get any better?

Stop by and see for yourself at Big Frog Of Beaverton:

14795 SW Murray Scholls Dr. Suite 107,
Beaverton, Oregon 97007
Hours: M-F 9:00am-7:00pm, Sat 10:00am-3:00pm
Sun Closed

How can you be sure you’ll get what you ask for? Nike sends work their way for their own special events. Does it get any better than that?

How many baby boomers, especially Portland baby boomers, are out there wishing new life for their wear worn shirts.

From a birthday, a birth, a reunion, or game, your gear awaits you.





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  1. David, Your blog is sounding more like a sales add. I trust you are being paid for the advertisement.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      You’ve got a sharp eye, Mr. Brown. Who’s the copywriter?

      The guys in Big Frog have gone big in their 20’s, worthy of note don’t you think? Besides, I think it’s rare to find a place who’ll make a custom t-shirt, just one, help out on the design side, and make it available the next day.

      With that said, you know where to pick up my Christmas present now. lol.

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