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In bed asleep after Livingston ejection for this Blazer fan.

It was chance to see Blazer fan history, of a team evening the NBA second round series 2-2 instead of facing elimination in the next game at 3-1.

Then Shaun Livingston got tossed.

Was it a fair call? Not for Blazer fan.

Not saying it was a set up, but Livingston barking his way to the locker room meant the real Chosen One, Dreamy One, also known as Steph Curry the back to back MVP and only man in NBA history to win MVP will all the votes.

They call it the unanimous selection, and call it a night.

Like the Willie Nelson song Dandy Don Meredith used to sing on Monday Night Football:

“Turn out the lights, the party’s over,

All good things must come to end,

Turn out the lights, the party’s over,

And tomorrow starts the same old thing again.”

In Steph Curry’s case it’s Shoot Out The Lights. You get that when you set the NBA scoring record for overtimes.

The only problem was I didn’t get a good night’s sleep leaving at halftime.

One of my sports pals said bandwagon fans jinx the team for everyone else.

Livingston jinxed the Blazers; Curry jinxed them.

He’s a dreamy player, he has dreamy eyes, but so does Luke Walton. How many dreamy eyed men does one team need?

The only time I’ve seen dreamier eyes is from eye makeup. Please say that ain’t so.

Curry makes many teams quit at halftime, not just Blazer fan.

He’s the guy you see when Superman rips his shirt off. That’s right, Supe wears a Curry suit.

The best part of last night’s game was putting to rest the notion that Steph Curry was set to follow Derrick Rose onto the “He’ll never be the same player after his injury” team.

Damian Lillard is as good as I hope to see, but Curry plays a different game. In the paint, or out, he’s got that THING you can’t coach.

And you don’t feel like you did when Kobe was the killer. We like Curry.

He’s dreamy.

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