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Do Backlinks Matter More Than You Think

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Let’s say you write a post, a glowing review of an event you actually attended.

The venue was good, the presentations on time, the take-aways all you expected.

You write the review, hook up the SEO, and send the link from your blog to the sponsors of the event.

Then you wait. No traffic, no thank you, no nothing.

And you’re disappointed.

What did you do wrong?

Maybe it was a one-of event with no time to waste cultivating customers?

Maybe the people involved aren’t as social media savvy as you?

Or maybe you took a shot at the wrong target.

Say you went to a Job Fair to show the current status of employment. You networked the tables, dropped your card, and took notes.

Your post is spot on with a knowledgeable vocabulary and correct grammar.

You sent the link to the businesses, the sponsors, and the management of the site for the Job Fair.

Then you wait. No traffic, no thank you, no nothing.

Keep this in mind: Companies are hiring, not reading blogs. Venues plan for the next event, not resting on the last. Same with the sponsors.

So who did you miss?

Take a step back and review the next event and their sponsors. Would they like an ‘on the ground’ view of their competition?

Look at the branches running out from the event. The businesses that weren’t there might like an idea of what happened at the event.

The blogger holds some leverage. Go ahead and lean on it and see what pops up.

Is this a blog strategy you use? Do you have any examples of it driving traffic and subscriptions?

Let NW Boomer readers know what works for you.

If you’ve sent links out, has anyone added you to their blog roll and asked you to do the same?



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