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Blues In Pink

The Band And The Baby Boomer Anthem


If Shakespeare had a favorite band, it would be Pink Floyd.

“The Wall, is a wall, is a wall,” he might have said, with a nod toward Gertrude Stein. “A wall by any other name would be just as cold.”

And just as high.

Like Shakespeare, Roger Waters enjoys obstacles.

The Wall is a big one.

How big?

It takes more than twenty tractor-trailer rigs to move it. It’s a wall big enough to cover an entire stage while the band plays out of sight. Too big for Pink Floyd, because that’s not who’s behind the curtain, er, wall.

The size is overwhelming. You need extra headroom when you see The Wall. It’s so big, if you show up without the additional space, something’s going to pop.

The Wall pops you either way; you just don’t know that going in.

Roger and his Mother want you to pop. Boomers know this, and you should too.

Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb, Mother do you think they’ll like the song, Mother do you think they’ll try to break my balls, Ooooh aah, Mother should I build a wall?

(Mothers don’t answer the bomb question, they’re too busy raising kids. The song question won’t matter unless it’s a tune they can hum while they’re busy raising kids. They know how to wash mouths out with soap, though, so don’t ask the ball question.)

Mother should I run for president, Mother should I trust the government, Mother will they put me in the firing line, Ooooh aah, is it just a waste of time.

(Mother wants you to clean your room before you run for anything. She wants you to do what you’re told and tell her when you’re done. About those Marine Corps recruitment letters with your name on them? It’s Mother’s work.)

Hush now baby, baby don’t you cry Mama’s gonna make all of your Nightmares come true, Mama’s gonna put all of her fears into you, Mama’s gonna keep you right here Under her wing, she won’t let you fly but she might let you sing, Mama will keep baby cosy and warm, Ooooh Babe, Ooooh Babe, Ooooh Babe, Of course Mama’s gonna help build the wall.

(Mother has built many walls within walls, with enough energy to keep building more. She wants to help build yours right.)

Mother do think she’s good enough for me, Mother do think she’s dangerous to me, Mother will she tear your little boy apart, Oooh aah, mother will she break my heart?

(If Mother says she’s good enough for you, it doesn’t mean what you think it means. If she’s dangerous, Mother will step her game up. In the end, they’ll both tear you apart. It won’t be an accident.)

Hush now baby, baby don’t you cry, Mama’s gonna check out all your girl friends for you, Mama won’t let anyone dirty get through, Mama’s gonna wait up till you get in, Mama will always find out where You’ve been, Mamma’s gonna keep baby healthy and clean, Ooooh Babe, Ooooh Babe, Ooooh Babe You’ll always be a baby to me.

(Mother won’t change. They don’t have to. But you do. Fight the power, just know that Mother’s power always wins. Why? Because beating your Mother is a temporary victory. It’s not something you’ll brag about.)

Mother, did it need to be so high.

(Ask yourself, Whose wall is it? If Mother helps you build The Wall, will you both be on the same side? If you are, will she help you tear it down?)

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