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Boomer And The Bug Race

Since It’s A Death March Start Early And Strong

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Either this has happened, or it will: Ants.

Open a cereal box, pour a bowl, add milk, fill a spoon, and something moves.

Maybe you see it right away, or right after the first spoonful.

See it right away and you’re grossed out. See it after the first bite and you’re freaked out.

Then you see ants everywhere and think you’re going crazy.

The first thing you so is douse the house with bug spray, bug pellets, and put an exterminator on speed dial.

Sound right so far? Check out the science before going nuclear.

From a career Bug Man in his NE Portland extermination station:

“The ants you see in cupboards are only five percent of the nest. The queen sends them out for food and water.

Kill them and she sends out another five percent.

Poison them and she waits until things settle down, then sends out another five percent. Their expendable ants.

The trick is using the correct spray in the right amount. Spray the right stuff and the ant patrol takes poison back to the nest without alarming the queen.

Then bait them with hammer. The queen likes the spray. She loves the bait. Until it’s too late.

When the queen dies, the nest dies. Simple. No more ants.

That’ll be a hundred dollars.”

Boomerpdx listened, paid, and went home feeling vindicated. Outsmarted the ants. Got the science. Did the deed.

The spray is a concentrate mixed one ounce to a gallon of water. The bait works with a quarter teaspoon in a beer cap in the sprayed area.

Bear Grylls might see nutritional value in Raisin Bran with ants, but the rest of don’t want that much unexpected movement in our spoons.

If, like me, you don’t want an unwanted ant farm in your food, leave a comment for the product names.

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