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Boomer and the Sixties: Finally Explained

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When did the 60’s begin in Portland?

Don’t bother looking at a calendar for an answer. You won’t find a starting date.

Younger people who aren’t so young any more see the 60’s as a boomer blast. It was the one party they missed, a special time for spoiled children to throw themselves a party with no invitation needed.

You checked in at the door. Beard, long hair, granny glasses, batik print clothes, smoldering draft card, and you’re in. At least that’s what it looked like from the 70’s.

But there’s more.

Early boomers were twenty years old in 1966. They were the spawn of The Greatest Generation, men who saved the world by winning The Last Good War.

A closer look at the WWII combat soldier to support troops ratio explains it best. This VFW Magazine article puts the number at ten support troops for every combat soldier.

10 – 1.

Consider the logistical support behind the best military machine in world history.

Less mechanization and automation meant more man-power. And man-power had down-time in England, Italy, and France. For a good definition of what that means, google Sophia Loren, Bridget Bardot, and Elizabeth Hurley.

Those women were either little girls in WWII, or not yet born, but they give an idea of the older women support soldiers saw in their down-time. Last good war, or last great war with the ladies.

Americans had less competition from local men.  Showing up with nylons, cigarettes, and chocolate made them prime dates.

When G.I.’s came home with their new dating skills, things didn’t work out the way it did in Europe. Nylons? No. Cigarettes? No. Chocolate? No.

Marriage? Yes.

No one says WWII was a party, but guys off the farm, guys from small towns, learned to party in Rome during their down-time. How many straight laced guys came home changed by that and spent the rest of their lives changing back?


When baby boomers grew up and went to college, their old veteran dads saw them party as if they’d just liberated Paris from the Nazis.

When they figured out their kids partied to celebrate liberation from them, the 60’s spirit kicked in hard.

It’s still kicking for boomer parents whose kids leave for school. Get a decent hair cut, let it grow. Put on some nice clothes for a picture, something with a collar. And turn down the JayZ. Find some real rap.

Sound familiar?

BoomerPDX Lesson: The long, strange, trip isn’t for everyone, but they’re still on it.

Better Boomer says use new ideas in six months or forget about it. You’ve got enough clutter.




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