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Boomer Balloons Up

Without The Usual Weight Swing


Do you have an event in your city you used to go to?

You probably stopped going when your kids got old enough to go on their own.

Now what? That is the baby boomer question, “What do we do now?”


Fun is still fun, Boomer. If you enjoyed something once, you’ll like it again.

And what’s more fun than a hot air balloon festival?

Good question. The only thing more fun than a hot air balloon festival is an evening glow.


It’s very exciting to attend an event with open flames. You can walk up much closer than you’d expect.

Though it looks like a Bic lighter, the flame above is powerful enough to fill a hot air balloon and keep it afloat.

A jet fighter has more roar, but you can’t get close enough to feel the power. Here, you can walk right up.


Even at a distance a glowing balloon is hard to ignore. It turns us all into moths.

Tigard, Oregon does this every year, and missing it leaves a blank in the party schedule.

If your kids are grown, you’ll still see families there, just like you did with yours.


At the end of the night the big balloons come down, their towering majesty deflated to a sack-like appearance.

Boomers know the feeling. They were once the answer to the question of, “Who will lead in the future?”

Out of 79 million people, give or take, boomer leaders have their work cut out. From ‘Don’t trust anyone over 30’, to, ‘Don’t trust the man’, every boomer is well over thirty. And quite a few are now The Man.

It’s a heavy weight. Don’t make it any heavier.





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