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A NW Delight


This baby boomer blogger likes to eat in season.

Is it salmon season? It is on the Copper River.

Boomer couples who cook together eat better. And it’s like therapy.

Why go to a restaurant when you cook better than the chef?

Start with a good chunk of fish.

Make deep slits and fill them with lemon wedges and slivers of garlic.

Why don’t fish do this while they’re in the ocean? Be a lot easier.

But not more fun for boomers.


Shower it with chopped green onions. Don’t like green onions?

You won’t taste them, but the fish will benefit.


Whip up a tangy curry and cover this flopper up.

Salmon never tasted better.

This is what a sea lion would do if they knew how to cook.


Wrap this bad boy up and seal the foil.

Put the grill on low heat and set the clock for twenty minutes.


When it comes out, the salmon has a unique flavor.

Everyone agreed it was the catch of the day.


Try and remember when you have company over for this feast, don’t bail on them.

Sure it’s tempting to wash this regional delicacy down with PortlandĀ beer, but not too much.

You don’t want to be the first one down. If you are, expect to find your hand in a bowl of warm water.



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  1. David, Some understand that bloggers simply don’t handle their Portland beer well.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      That’s what I’m looking for, a drunk beer blogger, or worse a gassed boomer blogger.

      Wait a minute. next week is the Oregon Beer Festival on Waterfront Park.

      Are you in?

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