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Who said, “If you start me up, I’ll never stop?”


From 2012 (image courtesy

From 2012
(image courtesy

Which advice carries more punch, a baby boomer business guru, a boomer blogger (hey-O), or the lead singer of the greatest rock and roll band in the world?

By the numbers you’ll find an endless supply of gurus and bloggers, but only one Mick Jagger.

He and his band are over seventy and still hit the road and fill the biggest rooms.

What’s the secret of the Rolling Stones’ longevity?

In a word, partnerships.

From “As a collaborator, Mick has duetted with Tina Turner, Peter Tosh, David Bowie, The Jacksons and Bono, and worked with a vast host of other musicians including Carly Simon, Ry Cooder, Living Colour, Lenny Kravitz, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Who’s Pete Townshend and Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame.”

It helped that Mick and the Rolling Stones partnered with the business side of business, too.

He might be a bad boy who grew into a bad boy man, but along the way Jagger also attended the London School of Economics.

The band avoided the pitfalls of the rock and roll rip off and created their own label, Rolling Stones Records.

They got it right and still matter more than Herman’s Hermits.

What about you, boomer?

Portland baby boomers hear the call loud and clear. If they don’t ‘get up and get after it,’ as recommended by Joyce DeMonnin, outreach director for the Oregon chapter of the AARP, they’ll have only themselves to blame.

Even if they don’t blame themselves, others will.

So where do you start? How do you ‘get after it?’ Would a “New Business Start Up” on help?

Would learning to monetize your expertize?

From the Small Business Administration:

“Acording to Kinsesis, a Portland, Oregon, web design and branding firm, the number of seniors using the Internet grew by 55 percent between 2004
and 2009. The largest percentage increase in use of the Internet has actually been in the 70-75 age group. And it’s not just Internet that seniors are
embracing, they are a big presence on social media sites too.”

Commands from the Army rifle ranges fit boomer business start up.

Ready. Aim. Fire.

Not ready, fire, aim.

You’re ready and old enough to know failure and success, ready to take chances the right way.

Now aim and breath. Good.














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