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Boomer Global Bucket

A Perspective On Agricultural Equality


Eight buckets stacked two high with dirt and watering pipe and strategically drilled holes. Or, Global Bucket.

Talk to some people about earth’s future and they talk about population control.

These people are not farmers. They don’t come from a growing region.

They’re afraid of getting dirty.

The closest they come to soil is washing it off their shoes.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Monsanto cheers for them.

Not so many cheers for the people who invent new ways to grow food where the elements are against the whole idea.


Garbage bags zip-stripped and trimmed over the bucket lip with an X cut into the top. And a glass of beer.

Others say food supply.

The people are already here and they’re hungry.

Where’s the solid center?

Start on the food side.


Pepper, cucumbers, and tomatoes, oh my.

DIY farmers plant their crops in global buckets and take the farm with them if they move.

For Portland baby boomers it might seem extreme? Might seem weird?

C’mon, it’s Portland.

Boomers haven’t cornered the market on weird, but they invest heavily.

If you’re a germ-o-phobe who washes their latex gloves after using a public restroom, this garden is for you.

If you’ve never grown more than beans in kindergarten, break out the green thumb.

You can’t go wrong with buckets, some pipe, dirt and plants.

No weeding, no getting down on your hands and knees. Just pour water down the pipe and wait.

As fast as the world’s become, a plant still takes its own time.

Let’s review.

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