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Boomer Helicopter



What are the best words when you show up at a family emergency?

Not many families respond like this.”

Those are the doctor’s words when Boomer showed up.

His dad was headed to memory care.

His mom was headed to a atrial fibrillation pace-maker.

All Boomer did was cook the right food to stabilize his dad’s blood sugar.

All he did was show the whole family the way.

Will they follow the path he laid down?

Can he represent?

For all the baby boomer hoopla, we smell what The Rock is cooking.

Our parents knew what was best and served up TV dinners wrapped in aluminum foil.

What else to expect from a generation raised on the shoe leather dinner of the depression and the C-rations of WWII.

TV dinners looked like food with no poor taste, and it was fast.

C-rations morphed into MRE, but it wasn’t the same.

Who competed for the canned peaches? Those were the prize.

Today, boomers work to find free range, whole grained, organic.

In days past, all that meant was normal. Then big food moved in.

How to transport perishable goods from one time zone to another?

How to capture the market share of preserved produce?

Add the goodies, also known as cancer causing ingredients.

So what do you want, taste good, or cancer?

Don’t ask Big Tobacco. Taste good trumps all. Sore throat from Big Red? Switch to menthols. Be Kool.

What do nitrates mean in my bratwurst?

Don’t be late to the game.


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