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A high school reunion brings ’em back, friends and teammates.

You see the big guys smaller and the small guys bigger. And the rest of us.

But that’s not what you see on a family trip through a sports past. When it’s your past, accompanied by your two ladies, you’ll need a few tips for the first time.

  • Mention every school in your high school district, their nick names, and why you still hate them with the bitterness reserved for Nazis and over-zealous gym teachers.
  • Wave in the direction of every football field you’ve ever played on, whether you suited up for the game or the pep squad. Every Boomer has seen enough football to give at least one play by play. Put yourself in it.
  • Point at the bridge you ran over, every morning, all weather, hurricane or not. Accuse it of attempted murder. Then drive it slow-ride style. Take it easy.

Cruise town looking for everything that reminds you of where you’ve been. Every city has small towns on every block, in every section. Coming from a real small town makes them easier to spot.

Turn the corner and the biggest show in town unfolds.

One hundred yards of prime real estate butts up against a high school service road, one hundred yards of dreams and hopes.

In sports there’s a drive to make it to the big time. That means TV and TV money so big it makes the lottery blush.

Driven athletes aim for the Big Time. Sports fans follow their progress.

Sports fans with heart know the odds of good players making the Big Time are slim to none. Show some Boomer heart by treating each step of the journey as Big Time as it gets.

It’s all Big Time once the whistle blows. Be thankful for any part you can play.

Boomerpdx Lesson: If you only go around once, take the time to get it right. Make it special and drive those you care about down memory lane.

Better Boomer says, “Even if you took a trip to your home town with the same people, pretend you don’t remember and re-live the excitement. Whether they go along or not tells all you need to know.”

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