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Boomer Life It’s Own Self



Be your best when your best is the minimum requirement.

Win the day.

The whole family won this day.

Step-Dad Glenn made it happen.

Big thanks to North Bend Mayor Rick Wetherell who remembered Momma Gillaspie through the community and kids.

Special nod to oldest Gillaspie Mike for carrying the day, younger G Steve for raising the standards, and sister J for showing what being a Mom means.


Advanced degrees, Chinese business, transportation professionals, and school kids moving toward becoming the first DI athlete, two young men joining the multi-generational tradition of wrestling, and the youngest set to make her mark where she chooses.

Great-grandkids? We have a one and only, the cutest baby of her generation.

Family structure carries the load from one place to the next.

This is a bridge you want to cross.

The sooner the better.

No hurry.







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