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All roads lead to Oregon, or should.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word history?

Kids might say, “What do I have to read?”

College students might say, “Where do I have to go?”

Portland baby boomers might say, “I need to check”

And they’re all the right answer.

But there’s more.

History has turned the page from the Mayflower, the reserved book room, and the bug infested museum case.

You’ve still got all that, but go to online history for the best experience.

Keep reading for the best stops on the Oregon History Trail.

The Oregon Historical Society put a Time Web on their page that connects time and events on a linear grid. Pick a year and click a box. Doesn’t get much better. Or easier.

How often in your travels do people ask where you’re from, then ask more about it? How often do you hate that question?

When it’s about Oregon it’s either the Oregon Trail, Mt. Hood, of the Oregon Coast for outsiders. But you’re an insider and they want more from you.

Hit the Time Web boomer and you’ll be a master of history in no time. It’s real history with a measure of fun.

After you exhaust that resource, move on over to the Oregon Encyclopedia for the Oregon IQ Test. How did you do?

Then hit the History Minutes.

What is that? From OE, “Each morning during the 2009 legislative session, a “minute of Oregon history” was read before the state’s senators and representatives in commemoration of Oregon’s Sesquicentennial. Each History Minute describes a valuable piece of Oregon history, part of the state’s past that tells the story of Oregon’s people and places.”

If it’s good enough for the lawmakers, it’s good enough for you.

Maybe you need something ‘out of the classroom?’, home of Kick Ass Oregon History, is waiting with the engine running.

From Kick Ass: “What if you walked into a bar and bumped into Oregon? What would Oregon say- be wearing – even look like? You know what Oregon would be drinking, and you’re pretty sure it would be out of the bottle, not a glass. A dark bar on a rainy day, full of loggers and fishermen and burnt-out hippies, you knocked back a couple with Oregon and listened to some stories on that wet afternoon.

So if you will allow us to continue with the metaphor for a moment, let’s say the next day, you ran into a lady-friend. You told her all about your afternoon of drinking with Oregon, and the stories that were told (even though the details are a little foggy today). Your special lady is this website. She is Oregon_History.”

Whether your preference is the Oregon History Museum, the Portland State History Department, or the Jack London Bar in downtown Portland, boomerpdx points you the right direction.

What’s your excuse? None? Good.

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