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pdxThe next time a younger person disagrees with someone older won’t be the first.

Even if you live in the same house.

Even if you’re related.

Boomer parents and their children disagree? Boomerpdx will go out on a limb and say yes, they do.

And it happens at all ages, unless both parties disengage completely. Don’t do that.

If you have a college educated child living at home, the challenges increase. They’re smart.

The following will help ease the strain for boomer parents.

Follow at your own risk. Ignore at your own peril.

  • You said you’d help with college, that you’d buy their books?

During an argument don’t say their GPA proves buying their books was a waste of money, that they didn’t open them anyway.

This approach doesn’t work when they graduated with two degrees and you took parts of three decades of dropping in and out for one.

Calling them a loser is a poor choice when you bailed on being an office schlub in New York City riding the rails between Brooklyn and lower Manhattan for the same reason.

  • They argued with their girlfriend on the phone once and you overheard one side of the conversation?

You’ve argued with their mother since they were born. They’ve heard it since you wanted them to know how relationships work. It’s not all about arguing and one disagreement or ten doesn’t make them a bad person.

Boomers often make mistakes because they think they are right. Or they’re justified. Or it’s their due.

They have more crutches than an orthopedic ward.

The Kennedy assassination broke their sense of trust, now they can’t trust anyone?

The oldest boomer was around seventeen in 1963. The trust breaker would have been the found in the Warren Commission, not the death. Dead is still dead, but the explanation continues.

The Vietnam War broke their trust?

More than Iraq and Afghanistan wars where Regular Army troops had different gear, better protective body armor than the reservists and National Guard? That’s a morale breaker for everyone.

The economic crisis doomed America?

This one is the best boomer hit of all time. Who are the movers and shakers? Who has the final say? Swing a dead cat in every financial institution in America and you’ll hit boomers.

Portland Baby Boomers either roll in their righteousness, or stay current.

Our kids know the difference, so be careful where you step.








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