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Boomer Road To Occupy Right

Housing density, outdoor trial

Remember the Occupy Portland campers?

Some looked old enough for the ’60s, which means one thing: Boomer Infiltration.

Boomerpdx asks if the 60’s guys are doing enough for the greater good?

They fought against Vietnam, fought the police at the Chicago Democratic Convention, and heard the guns at Kent State. They’ve been tested. First Wave Boomers have an ‘A Game’ when they bring it.

How do you get them to bring it?

It’s one thing to protest with your presence, wave signs, shout slogans. But getting gassed until you vomit, clubbed by mounted police, or shot by National Guardsmen? That’s not part of any deal.

First Wave Boomer knows it best.

If Libya and Egypt and China grow from their strife, then America’s revolutionary past must have inspired them. The news today looks like 60’s riots except for the heavy weapons and crushed cities.

America had a cultural revolution. Read all about it in “The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage.”

Author Todd Gitlin was a mover and shaker, a president of SDS, Students for a Democratic Society, and a hustler.

Did he find the change he wanted? Or was it chicks for free?

His other titles read perfect for Occupy: “The Bulldozer and the Big Tent,” his editing on “Campfires of the Resistance.”

Boomers rode America with passion and force, then somehow switched horses. They started out on a racer and finished on a beast of burden.

Let boomers explain why the old counterculture mare just ain’t what she used to be. That’ll get them trotting with purpose. They are rested, tanned, and gym conditioned for another run.

Boomerpdx Lesson: Learn the secret hippie way of making a deal with yourself: An imperfect world needs a more perfect you.

Better Boomer says, raise the stakes of protest by doing the homework. Then bring the results to better listeners.

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